Friday, July 29, 2011

A well deserved update.. or just a sign of life...

Oh my gosh it's dusty in here !!!!     Haven't shown my silly ole face in a while, haven't I?    All I can say is that I have been quite busy.  School, research, my girls, and planing a vacation.   It's final !!!!!   Vacation is booked and we are leaving the second week of August.  Where are we going?  CANCUN, Mexico... whoo hoo.  We wanted to go to Aruba, but timing was just not on our side for that.  Then Lewis thought of a Caribbean cruise which would end in Aruba... same timing issue.. Puerto Vallerta...  same thing...  and then Lewis just booked a vacation and hoped for the best.  Well, turned out that there was a timing issue yet again, but he is done playing around with all of it and we will be going anyway.   I can't wait.

Chichen Itza, here we come ;-)  We will be gone for just a week.  While we are there we will go to, of course, Chichen Itza, to Tulum (for some site seeing and some sailing), we will be doing some cave diving and snorkeling (maybe this time I won't be so freakin'  paniky !!!).  We will be going to the Island of Cozumel, not sure what we will see there.  We will go to Ek Balam, an ancient Mayan City which is currently being excavated.  Since archeology is one of my degrees, I've got to go and see it.    And in between those trips we will be just hangin' by the pool and perhaps even by the ocean.  I am more than ready for this break.

I've downloaded a currency converter App, as well as the spanish-english dictionary to fill in where Lewis might draw a blank ;-).  I will brush up on my Spanish a bit too and then just hope for the best ;-)  I will be the good little tourist, giving it a shot.  My dilemma, however, I don't like Mexican food.  So what will I do?  Again, I will be the good little tourist and not at all that spoiled brat and will actually eat the real Mexican food.  To my defense, this will be a different kind of Mexican food anyway... this will be AUTHENTIC !!!  perhaps I like authentic Mexican food.  who knows.  I will give it a try!!!   Cross your fingers for me, otherwise I will go hungry.

Classes start up August 17th.  This will be my last semester before I transfer over to GSU to complete my classes.  Thus far, I kept my 4.0 (not bragging or anything).  But sometimes I feel like "man, I am too old for this ^&%$ . "     But I shall not waste another thought on school for I have to think about Bikinis, dresses, shoes, a cocktail or two, snorkel, another cocktail or two, lots of stuff to see, perhaps a margarita, and getting a lot of natural Vitamin D.   Come join me? ;-)    As usual,  I will blog while on my vacation, showing of said bikinis and cocktails.    So pack up your flip flops, your spf 50 and let's gooooooo ;-)

P.S.   I've received plenty of e-mails in regards to my other blog "...walk with me" with the questions of when I will continue those posts...  well, I will continue once I've made a connection from Caleb to John and when I have a program which prohibits copying the content (text and images).  I have found a few programs which are quite costly, so I have not yet decided on such a program.   Be patient with me !!! as always !!!             

                                                     Tons of hugs and kisses and all that fun stuff !!!