Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are going to THE LAKE !!!

 I took you all with me last Sunday... kinda windy and stuff.. but who cares... i don't want to hear any

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Schloss-Strasse, Berlin... my old home

Good morning my fine friends... 

Another video.. whoo hoo... actually, this was not the video I wanted to post next, but that video isn't quite done yet... cutting the stuff is a pain in my fourth point of contact (as Lewis would say) and so you all have to wait a bit longer to take a look at Schloss Sanssouci (a beautiful castle) with me.   So instead, you shall enjoy this short little video that had a much longer story than what was on tape... 

Meeting in the morning with my mom (and keep in mind, my sister is the camera"man"), we've decided to shop some and then go and have my most favorite cakes of all.. Strawberry cake.  There is no cake like German Strawberry cake, you can trust me on that.  Unfortunately, 'tis the season of plumbs, not strawberries ... so the hunt for some strawberry cake was on.  Don't get me wrong, i love plumb cake, but I already had some of it at Kay's birthday... I WANTED STRAWBERRY CAKE... 

As I was talking in front the camera, a guy was trying to start his Harley.  He turned the thingy and turned the thingy but it just didn't start...  really was getting a bit annoying (you don't see the full conversation on tape though).. anyway, at some point I couldn't help but laugh at him.  This lead to him inviting me over which I denied at first, but then, come on... it's a Harley for cryin' out loud... so I turned and put my cute little arse on the Harley seat... lol...  He offered to take me around a bit, but now I had to decline.. My mom was right there!!! LOL...  Anyway... off to find some strawberry cake...  again.. we don't have it all on film..grrrrr... but in the end, after a few hours search along that shopping street, we finally found a place and I was in heaven.  lol...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atlanta under water

Good morning all...

It is still raining, but not as harsh as it did yesterday.  The scenery around us was of gushing water from everywhere.  The heavens had no mercy and just kept dumping all this water on us.  We personally have suffered only a leak in the roof, others were not that lucky.  This flood claimed a woman's life in my county, but Atlanta lost 6 lives all together thus far, (although some reports speak of 8 people having died), not to mention the numerous people/children still missing.  Our governor has declared 17 counties State of Emergency, and our county is one of them.  Yesterday, roads and highways have been closed, schools have been canceled which is repeated today.  As you all know, I live right by Lake Lanier and the Chattahoochee River, but I haven't been out to assess the damage myself.  The lake has collected quite the water (so the local news reporter stated) and the river has spilled over in various areas.  The Yellow River also had a tough time holding in its water and finally broke under the pressure.  Somebody come and clean up this mess!!  Let's see what today brings.. hopefully no more lives will be claimed.

Coffee anyone?

Update:  The sun came out and we are enjoying a pretty blue sky.  I've decided to use this window of opportunity to pack up the girls and go to the lake and river to see how our lovely storm wrestled with them.  What I saw was nothing far removed from beautiful.  The water level is high, but that's no wonder after what came down for the entire last 8 days.  Don't be fooled by those pictures I took today though.. the rest of the city looks in pretty bad shape.

They are saying, we will have the rain until Thursday.  We shall see... we shall see...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Would you...

Sensuality and tasteful erotic expressions captured in a photograph -  there is nothing that grabs my attention more than a beautiful human body displayed in a way that lets ones mind wander.  I like the effect such picture has on me.  I get mesmerized and pulled into so many different directions with my thoughts when staring at a picture just like this.  All the things a photograph like this says... and all you have to do is listen.  All the questions a photograph like this provokes and all I want to do is follow to and retrieve answers. 

For the longest time, I have wanted to take pictures of myself and with Lewis like that.   Not being the most photogenic person, I needed to find someone with ideas and solutions.  It turns out that it isn't all that easy to find someone like that and my search to date has been fruitless.  Until yesterday.  I believe, my search is over.

Lewis showed me this picture of our dental hygienist (above) and I immediately knew, this is the guy for me, for us.  He is the one I've been searching for.  A decision has been made and finally, an experience can be realized.  We've decided to go for it.  After my braces have been removed this November, and time is used to tighten what needs to be tightened, tone what needs to be toned we will be ready to take on this task.  This experience carries quite the price tag, but I can't help but think that this will be all worth it. 

What say you?  Would you do it?  Just for the experience?

( The link :   Flesh and Color  )

So, would you do it?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I had every intention to take you all to the lake today, however, the weather is not in favor of us going as it is pouring down for hours now and the friendly weather frogs aren't going to climb that lovely ladder today.  So I am left here at my kitchen table, starring out of the window, watching the rain pounding against my window and the wind bending every limb on our trees.  The clouds are dark and of fast movement to make room for just another dark cloud ready to dump another inch on us.

It's funny, this thing we call life, isn't it?  Nothing can stop it.  It goes on whether we want it to or not.  We are forced to take on each day and take the consequences either with acceptance or disagreement, but we have to take one way or the other, whether we want to or not.  We are forced to take on everything it tosses at us.  Even when our life comes to an end.. we surely don't make that decision, do we?  At least most of us aren't making that call to end our life.  As my step-dad is laying in the ICU after finally receiving a much needed kidney transplant, we all find ourselves overwhelmed with happiness.  Even though we all know that this is not the final end of the story.  As of now, we are still waiting for that kidney to kick into gear and work as it should.  We celebrated the fact that there is a kidney for him, then we celebrated the fact that he survived the operation.  Now we are waiting for a few more celebrations to come in his journey.

This can go all kinds of different ways.  And although I wish to ignore the many possible outcomes for this I can't help but think of how ironic "life" really is.  You may disagree with me all you want, but a lot of the things we do, things we buy, things we declare as necessities, things we believe to be of importance... when facing the end, all this seems to be so silly, such a waste of time, so sad, really.  For instance, Wearing jewelry...  what does that do to your life when wearing expensive diamonds on your fingers?  Does that really do anything other then boost your ego?  Inviting your friends to a big and breathtaking house... what does that do to your life?  again, only boosting your ego?  driving up to the office in an expensive car that serves no purpose whatsoever, what does that do to your life?  boosting the ego once again?  And when you face your last day on this planet, do you think this all will still be of same importance? (And I know I am being hypocritical here!)  How about people...  we all meet people.. every day we stand before new faces and make a "conscious" decision.  Do we engage that person?  Two answers.. yes or no.  You make that decision based on what you see or based on your circumstances.  We meet a person and within a blink of an eye we categorize them as friend, crush, lover, enemy, stupid, ignorant etc., sometimes we even give it two blinks before creating the label.  Why?  When you face the last day of your life, did it really matter? What if you gave the person the wrong label and perhaps missed out on love, missed out on a great friendship?  Just simply missed out on anything? But then again, we sometimes hang on to the wrong people, the wrong opportunities, suffer the pain they inflict on us.  Sometimes we finally let go and pick up the pieces and sometimes we just keep enduring the mental lashes without really knowing why or making excuses to explain the why.  But sometimes, we even let the good people or opportunities slip away from us and later wish we would not have done so, accompanied by pain of the self inflicted lashes.  Why?

Continuation of a life is out of our hands. We can take steps to give us the possibility of a long life, but no matter what steps we take, how much we exercise, how many vitamins we swallow, how much broccoli we eat... it's still not a guarantee.  He is laying in bed hooked to  machines that hopefully help to give him more years to his already spent life.  And those machines better do the job so he can walk the paths of life along side with us for quite some time to come.  I wonder if his "living" will change.  If he will put different priorities up.  Or will he live his life as he did before?  When I am faced with my last day here on earth, I "hope" I can look back and say that there is no question left unanswered, there is no feeling left un-felt, there is not a piece of curiosity unexplored, there is not a feeling of love that got lost, there is not a person left out there I should have met, there is not an unfulfilled dream waiting to be realized, there is not a person wondering what he/she meant to me, that I meant something to someone, or that something I did meant something to someone...  If I were to die tomorrow, and I look back today, then I surely have failed for I need to meet more people, learn so much more, explore, love, feel, realize more dreams...

Whenever I drive by a cemetery and see a blue tent up, I always tell myself, "hopefully, he/she could leave this earth a happy person with nothing unanswered, nothing un-experienced, nothing un-felt and always remembered".

Friday, September 11, 2009

And finally...

.... I am removing this dark cloud that's been hoovering over my blog for quite some time now.  I have not shaken what took possession of me, however, whatever it is is not as heavy on my shoulders anymore for some reason.  So, without further ado and much thanks to Lewis and my sister who probably added a few gray hair over this, I present to you another video from my trip.  Would have shared with you sooner, but the days in Berlin were just crazy and somehow much shorter than they are over here.  After my arrival back home (you know, Hotlanta), the videos didn't play with the sound and adding another program didn't help either and my sister then just cut this one again (today) from the original video.  She is so good to me ;-) 

Hopefully, this video will change the dark and somewhat sad mood on my page.  Is that possible, you think?  I am giving that ole chemistry set a kick... give you all a big smile.. a virtual kiss... and say "thanks for hanging in there with me!!!!"   tons of kisses from me to you, my fine friends

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Strange Seduction

She hasn't felt this confused in a long time, if one could even categories this sensation as confusion.  She hasn't felt this helpless at all.  Something has her mind going, something has hijacked her brain and is doing in her head whatever it wishes.  Her mood is dark, but interestingly enough, always accompanied by a smile;  A strange feeling, really.  She feels happy and sad and these emotions follow each other in seconds.  There is hardly time to breath and catch a new, a different thought.

She knows, it's all chemically induced.  After all, there are books that teach how to seduce.  If seduction would be anything other then a chemical make-up, it would be hard to figure out what triggers this type of series of emotions and many book authors would go hungry.  She tells herself over and over of this fact, but her mind seems to be stubborn this time and persuasion fails.  She knows she has been successfully seduced,  but seduced by what and for what?  If only she would know then she could finally react, but with her mind melted into mush, there was very little to be achieved.  She would even succumb to whatever it is that won't let go of her, but again, she would first have to know what has such a strong hold of her.

One thing she knew for sure, she was in a constant nostalgic state.  Nostalgia that goes way beyond her years and that only added to her confusion.   It wasn't easy to seduce her, but to seduce her without knowing what she feels so drawn to, that was new.  It tore on her. All she could think, when her mind has momentarily let go of other thoughts, to make it stop.  Please make it go away.  Actually, she didn't want it to go away before it revealed itself to her, so that there is no question left behind to which she would never find the answer.  Not knowing and just going away might even be worse then how she feels right now.  And usually, she enjoys the feeling of being seduced;  she could stay in the seduced state of mind for ever.  That purple haze that kept her right on the edge with her emotions and willing to jump off the cliff for the curiosity of what is to come.  Not so this time.  This time she can hear herself scream on the inside with pain.  Pain that has no name or definite description.

She needs to shake up that chemistry set... introduce a new chemical to the mix and hope for the best.  But how?  Nothing around her allows enough distraction; perhaps because she doesn't allow herself to be distracted.  When she is out and about, she puts down the top of the ole Z4 and plays the music that allows her to fall weeks, even years behind the present day.  In that moment, she feels free and beyond happy. One song is being played over and over again as it introduces quite the mind piercing, heart wrenching emotion. Why does she do that?  Why can't she just let the CD run its course?  Why does she have to inflict such emotional out-pour on herself?  Is she actually enjoying how she feels?

For as painful as it is, somehow it is also such a beautiful feeling.  A feeling that makes her feel like a little kid spinning around in the backyard; spinning so hard to make that new summer dress lift up high and then fall onto the ground filled with exhaustion.  She may have gone completely insane with feelings like that.  She knows she has to do something about it; she wants answers; she needs to know.  she also needs this feeling or rather the medley of feelings to ease up; to let her breath.  The question to be answered is, how is that done?  Let's see what today has to offer...