Saturday, September 19, 2009

Would you...

Sensuality and tasteful erotic expressions captured in a photograph -  there is nothing that grabs my attention more than a beautiful human body displayed in a way that lets ones mind wander.  I like the effect such picture has on me.  I get mesmerized and pulled into so many different directions with my thoughts when staring at a picture just like this.  All the things a photograph like this says... and all you have to do is listen.  All the questions a photograph like this provokes and all I want to do is follow to and retrieve answers. 

For the longest time, I have wanted to take pictures of myself and with Lewis like that.   Not being the most photogenic person, I needed to find someone with ideas and solutions.  It turns out that it isn't all that easy to find someone like that and my search to date has been fruitless.  Until yesterday.  I believe, my search is over.

Lewis showed me this picture of our dental hygienist (above) and I immediately knew, this is the guy for me, for us.  He is the one I've been searching for.  A decision has been made and finally, an experience can be realized.  We've decided to go for it.  After my braces have been removed this November, and time is used to tighten what needs to be tightened, tone what needs to be toned we will be ready to take on this task.  This experience carries quite the price tag, but I can't help but think that this will be all worth it. 

What say you?  Would you do it?  Just for the experience?

( The link :   Flesh and Color  )

So, would you do it?


  1. Mighty brave of ya!
    Think it's quite the creative outlet and experiment
    but as for your q ~ er no. lol. I'm too conservative for that. :P

  2. I have had thoughts about doing something like this but my physical appearence always holds me back plus I know my wife would never go thru with it. I have to agree with you how artistic photos like these awakens the mind and ask you to think about them. I wish you & Lewis the best and I know your beauty will make the camera blush. ~ Curt

  3. You already know my answer on this... I really think you should if just for the experiance of it... Once I bet my body where I want it I might have to look into this as well... I have a lot more toning and such to do but I will get there...~grins~

  4. K... I know, curiosity kills the cat, and I am not sure if my actions can be classified as bravery ;-) what does that mean, too conservative for that??? ;-)

    Curt... who knows how those pictures will turn out, i am not all that "artistic inclined" so i do rely on someone who does and then work wonders... my mom would shake her head at me once more and wondering about my brain functionality all over again, LOL

  5. Michael... when you go do it, will you share the pictures? ;-)

  6. Hi Liane...hope ya don't mind me crashing your blog, I'm a friend of Mary's. I checked out that link you posted, that guy does amazing work. I think the body painting is more of a female thing...that's jus me...besides, I wouldn't be able to sit still for that long to have that done. He does great photography, I think it's kewl that you and your husband are gonna do this.

  7. Good morning, Reckless... nah, i don't mind you crashing my blog.. kind of a public space anyway, isn't it? ;-) Thank you for your comment... not sure if Lewis would go for the body painting, but he will do all other pictures...I wouldn't mind the body paint, however, i wonder how long the application will take as I am "ueber"-ticklish... lol. Come and crash any time you like...

  8. I swear I posted a comment yesterday...


    I said YES I would do it!!! :))

    And I hope you post some of what you get done!!

  9. Mary.. did you see the part where i admit to not being photogenic at all??? not sure it's a good idea to share my neked pictures with you fine people over here.. no need to get laughed

  10. You are a work of art... or a piece of work, I have not decided which yet, both... OK. Our creative side seeks an outlet in so many ways... if you are intrigued, and have found someone to assist you, why not? Would I? Currently I have been making a sizeable income from people paying me expressly not to do anything approaching this... I am not looking those gift horses in the mouths.

  11. I disagree with you, you are very photogenic. And there HAS to be one or two that doesn't expose ALL of you yes? I will keep beating this drum until you give in. :))

  12. my new favorire blog

  13. Tom, a piece of work is probably the right description for me..LOL.. not sure I understand the rest of your comment ;-)

    Mary... lol.. don't beat the drum, you will get blisters ;-)

    Anonymous.. well, then I shall keep posting nude pictures and silly words and await your return ;-)

  14. A piece of work, yes... what I meant is that people pay me NOT to have any pictures of me posted anywhere... Got it now? You, not photogenic... pshaw you... every camera and lens on the planet would fall in love with you...

  15. If you asked me nicely ....hahah

    im sure I would ...

    you make me smile a lot ....



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