Friday, September 11, 2009

And finally...

.... I am removing this dark cloud that's been hoovering over my blog for quite some time now.  I have not shaken what took possession of me, however, whatever it is is not as heavy on my shoulders anymore for some reason.  So, without further ado and much thanks to Lewis and my sister who probably added a few gray hair over this, I present to you another video from my trip.  Would have shared with you sooner, but the days in Berlin were just crazy and somehow much shorter than they are over here.  After my arrival back home (you know, Hotlanta), the videos didn't play with the sound and adding another program didn't help either and my sister then just cut this one again (today) from the original video.  She is so good to me ;-) 

Hopefully, this video will change the dark and somewhat sad mood on my page.  Is that possible, you think?  I am giving that ole chemistry set a kick... give you all a big smile.. a virtual kiss... and say "thanks for hanging in there with me!!!!"   tons of kisses from me to you, my fine friends


  1. Cudos, to Lewis and your sister for hanging in there for ya, but then why not, everyone thacares about would be there for you, shoulder to lean on ear to listen and a arm for an occasional punch if needed. Hugs and kisses for you to help get rid of that dark cloud. - Curt

  2. So good to SEE you...I'm glad you got the video working even if we had to wait awhile for it. Miss you bunches and love to all of you. Lots of hugs and I would take that dark cloud away for you, if I are soooooo very special, Liane!!!!--Susan

  3. Curt.. yes, Lewis and my sister hung in there with the video cutting and trying to upload to youtube and stuff.. it was just crazy how it wouldn't want to the cloud removal.. well, that's just on me.. nobody can or should help me with that.. i am just "silly" like that ;-) and I am still smiling for you becoming a grandpa..whoo hoo...

    Susan, how nice to see you here in my little blogging world.. i am thinking of you often and our last trip down. taking my cloud away, well, this one, I guess, I have to do on my own... And Susan... "special" doesn't even begin to describe what i feel for you ;-) We miss you and the girls are still crazy about you.. Sure hope all is well in your world!!!! lots of hugs and kisses!!!

  4. How wonderful... absolutely captivating. The church of St. Peter and Paul, was it? - Gorgeous, so breathtakingly beautiful... Loved the wooden shoes, as my home town has strong Dutch heritage, so tulips, windmills and wooden shoes are everywhere... Thank you so much for taking us along... In places it was hard for me to watch, as I so wanted to be with you - the sights and sounds and history would be intoxicating to me - no need for the alcoholic drinks. Then, add in you being there, and it does not get much better than that. Potsdam is where Stalin, FDR and Churchill met to discuss plans for the post-WWII world near the end of that war... Sigh - just fabulous stuff... like you.

  5. Liane, let me reiterate again just how much I have missed ya...
    Multiple that ten folds. lol

    Glad to see you out of your funk. You're absolutely right, funk in personal...only you and you alone get beat it. Congrats ;)

    Loved the video. Loved the church - sneaky sneaky :))
    Love the shoes - how comfortable were those? lol

    Good to have ya back... want me to stop blogging for a few?lol. ok done ;)

  6. great video for those of us who can't make it there in person. Looks like you had a great time on your visit.

    Best wishes,

  7. tom.. you brushed up on history, i see ;-) You know what's sad though? Potsdam used to belong to the East and unfortunately, their government body did not believe in spending money on restorations.. Many of the old castles and parks have been neglected for far too long and sadly (you will see that in one of the next videos i will post), today's politicians shift priorities away from our old history. A new hope, perhaps is coming.. the young Prince Georg von Preussen has moved back to Berlin, including some family members and maybe.. just maybe, he feels compelled to do something about his family history.. sure would be neat to see all the old Preussen back in its wonderful glory... Sure would make queen Luise smile and Napoleon turn in his grave..ha..

    My Addiction.. you've got me speechless for a moment.... and yes.. i will read your blogs today and catch up.. you are just too good to me ;-)

    Michael.. nice to see you over here.. i did have a wonderful time over there...keep coming back as i will do my best in sharing the rest of the videos ;-)

  8. Liane, so glad you were able to go as planned, some things just work out exactly as they should, yes? I'm certain your sister loved having your bubbly and positive self in her direct physical realm for those few weeks, sometimes being around someone so solution oriented and fun... makes all the difference in the world...

    You do that for a lot of people, share of yourself so generously...

    I watched the video the day you put it up... I enjoyed the rooftop restuarant, the shopping, honey tasting... the church.. What a great day...

    Now that we're out of our funks.... what trouble shall we cause? xoxoxoxo

  9. Mary.. good morning... up already?? ;-) what trouble shall we cause? let me think how we can get in "long-distance" trouble together ;-) LOL .. perhaps i shall look at my Delta-offers ;-) (i know i am scarring you with that, don't i? lol)

  10. I brushed up on history? Pshaw you... I live History... does not hurt that I have been alive for so much of it (though I don't go back to WWII). So much of what is wrong with government, especially of the liberal variety (if I can go there...) is that they like to ignore history, make believe the past does not exist and make up present circumstances to fit their agendas, and can continue in all their idiocy... I ramble. When can we expect the next edition of the video journal?

  11. awesome vid liane. looks like a fun place to visit....i guess its home to you i love a girl who drinks...or bit of alcohol before anyways, thanks for sharing and if there is anything i can do to help get rid of that black cloud just give me a yell. kevin

  12. I'll look at the video later, but what's more important is that darkness lifting in YOU ... the page is not a reflection of you .... but the darkness and confusion was worrying to see ... so glad the light is starting to find a way through


  13. No, you are not. :) xoxox

    Gooodddd Morning Liane, I didn't say that earlier did I? Good morning, good day...

  14. Liane, you've got a face, body, legs, feet, and toes made for the camera. The tour was a bit lackluster but you more than made up for it. I thought y'all pulled off a pretty good tourist hyjinx by taking that picture in the Cathedral of Peter, Paul, and Mary. Glad you got a pic of your sister in there. She did a good job of filming. Tell her happy anniversary (is that an oxymoron?) Next trip you must take me and let me get pie-eyed with ya on ice cream. Glad ya got this 3rd installment in. Phibs, kiss Priss


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