Monday, July 9, 2012

Singapore and Malaysia

Hello to you fine people....   took me a while to get back here to the blogging world, but can you blame me???  My days here in Singapore are coming to an end as I fly back to Germany tomorrow evening.  It will be a sad sad goodbye to an awesome place and an awesome person.  Many thanks to you, Andre,  for making this an UNFORGETTABLE experience !!!!   Singapore is truly a remarkable place.  Although I didn't see much history here as everything is super modern, you can somehow feel its history anyway.  But then again, as Andre remarked, I haven't seen all there is to Singapore during my week stay. Thus, there is one conclusion to be drawn: I have to return!!!  To walk the streets in its nightly glory is mesmerizing.  Day and night in Singapore is so very different just from the images its offering, but add the diversity of the people and one can not help but love this Island.  Truly amazing.


Unfortunately, we didn't make it on time to get tickets to go onto the "bridge"

Only in Malaysia???
and more Malaysia:

beyond spicyyyyyyyyyyyyy
note to self:  don't eat what's in a silver cup !!!!!!  I am sure I have lost some of my taste buds for good !!

local food...

Goal: going all the way to the roof top platform

Awesome view to the harbor and botanical garden

 Darn mosquitos....grrrrrrrrrr

On our way to the Island "Sentosa"

What goes up must come down... and that's the way down


breakfast by the water ;-)

Little India

First time Indian food for me... my mouth was on fire !!!!
This shall be all for now.. I will share more later ;-)    Until then... hugs, kisses and all that fun stuff from me to you fine people