Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello to you my fine people...

   Semester is done, all final exams taken, now it's the ole waiting game for the final grades.  This semester took sooo much time and energy out of me.  New University and new location... looooooooong commute there and back.  Often rather tiresome but we survived.  I say we, as Julia is already enrolled in college as well under the MOWR program (Move on when ready) My apologies for this long absence here and on facebook... but as you can see, it's never forever :-)  I am back, only to tell you that I will be gone once again.  But not to worry, 'cause I am taking you all with me (as always).  Where are we going?  

  Well, back to Southeast Asia !!!!  Yipeeee... we are traveling again.. yes, soooo soon.  A four-week trip filled with travel and exploration.  I am excited, are you?  I will not say to which countries and locations we will go... you just have to stay connected.   

  When are we all leaving?  Be ready December 13th.  Yes, I know it is one day after my birthday... This time I am a bit more excited about my birthday as it will read 12.12.12 and you can bet your sweet little booty that I will have a picture taken at 12:12:12.  Cheesy and lame, perhaps, but cool none the less ;-)    So have your passports ready and be ready for a 22 hour flight.    Are you with me????   Good, I thought so :-)   

 One more thing... I will switch my travel blogging soon to my very own website (I am sooooooooo excited about this website).  Nothing is there yet, but be sure to remember the address:


  It's still in progress, but it shall be all prettied up and stuff in a couple of days ;-) Keep checking it! It has its very own e-mail address attached as well, but I will share that one with you in due time.  

So what say you... are you with me???

Tons of kisses from me to you !!!!