Thursday, May 19, 2011

360 glitch

Good morning to you fine people...

As blogger decided to pull a yahoo 360 on me, I have no clue who commented on my previous post before the blog post disappeared other than my dear Sir Thomas ;-) .  Blogger was nice enough to return the stolen post, however, the comments seem to be lost in cyber space forever.  

Sir Thomas commented in part in regards to the mentioned non-existing green thumb and my avocado tree ;-)  So here you go, Sir Thomas,  a picture of my tree , tadaaa  ;-)  One more week and I can pick my first avocado..LOL

This past week has been nice not worrying about the ole classes (kept a 4.0, by the way..just sayin'  ;-)  )  I have been able to get a lot of sorting out done... lots of what I gathered in Rhode Island (will share soon on my other blog Walk with me ) has finally been organized and placed where it belongs and lots of it now makes sense.  However, the missing link still exists and a trip to Connecticut is unavoidable.  Lewis tells me that this might be a trip I have to do on my own as he is just not all that excited about sitting in a vault filled with old documents.. I just don't understand ;-).   So, instead he is planing a week trip for us somewhere else... it better be somewhere where there are lots of palm trees and the ocean and never ending flowing rum... I'm just sayin' ...

Classes start up this coming Monday again, the day of our 17th wedding anniversary.  Gosh, time flies, doesn't it?!  this time, I won't be going 6 days a week, just 5 days a week, keeping the weekend free for some fun.  During the week, classes will only be from 7:30 until 1:30,  hopefully leaving enough time for me to concentrate on my research.   Semester will be done July 18, Julia's 16th birthday.    Fall semester won't start until august 20th or so, leaving me with plenty of time to travel to Connecticut ;-) I need a travel partner!!! ;-)  Anyone up for it??? ;-)

Hugs, kisses and all that fun stuff!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good morning my fine people... 

Finally I find some time to sit here and write to you all.  Semester is done, I've made my A's and am now enjoying a two-week break before my summer classes.  Tuesday was my last final and it is nice to not have anything on my mind but to enjoy the day without having to worry about writing a paper, finishing a math program, studying for an exam...  Needless to say there were times when I asked myself why the heck I am putting myself through this.. where I wanted to talk myself into being way too old for this "&*^%".   But now that I am all done, I am already thinking of my transfer to GA State University.    Life is good !

August is coming about faster and faster.  Jenny will be leaving us in August to go to the University of Hawaii to obtain her degrees in Marine Biology, Zoology and Psychology.  Can you guess what our vacation destination will be for the next 6 years? ;-)    Yeah, that's right... aloha oe  ;-)  Lewis will bring Jenny to her new paradise and set her up and make sure all is taken care of.  Julia and I shall remain in Hotlanta as I have school to attend.

Julia has been accepted to a really neat summer camp.  It's a language camp sponsored by the FBI, CIA and Homeland security.  She will attend this camp for a few weeks learning the Arabic language.   This is nice as I have to study that language myself soon.  She will also do her music during the summer, as always.  She is finishing up her year with MYSO (Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra) and then join the one-year music program with the Emory University. 

We couldn't be more proud of our girls !!!

I will spend my short break before summer classes with some research.  For those who follow my other blog at Walk with Me know that I have had absolutely no time to catch up with my research after my return from Rhode Island.  I planed to go back up to Rhode Island during this summer, but, for now, there is no need for that.  My History professor sat down with me and we somewhat discussed what I should do.  I will be hunting down a lot of primary sources and build up my theses for my Ph.D.   So that's where that's at.

Hotlanta is currently treating us to temperatures in the low 90's.  Quite wonderful!!  Meanwhile, I've planted an avocado pit and it has become quite the little tree.  It is growing dramatically in the last few days and if it keeps up the speed of development, we shall have avocados by the end of next week instead of waiting ten years.  Crazy !!  You have to know, I don't have a "green thumb" at all.  So for this avocado tree to do as well as it does it is soooooo exciting.  Just smile for me !!

Let's see, what else should I update you all on?  Oh yeah.. Lewis is going to start his Master's Program as well.  Now this one is quite exciting...  During his program, he will be going on two trips.  One to South America and one to Asia (China, most likely).  Yes, yes, yes, I will be going with him !!!   You all know how much I love to travel the world.  Lewis can study while I play tourist.  

Well, now that I updated you fine people, it's your turn...  catch me up... what have you guys been up to???   Any special plans for your summer?  Tell me, what's new in your world?         tons of hugs and kisses and all that other fun stuff ;-)