Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a most wonderful and most magical Christmas.   Funny how fast time has passed me by as it seems Christmas of 2009 was just a short while ago.  Don't know about you, but the older I get (yes, yes, yes, I have just recently added another digit to my countdown) the sand seems to run much faster through the little opening.   It kind of scares me to watch time ticking away in such a hurry.   But I guess 'tis the season to celebrate... so... let's celebrate....

Merry Christmas to you fine people.  tons of hugs, tons of kisses from me to you, as always ;-)
and don't forget to join me on my other site... the ole project, if you will ;-) 

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

i did it.. i did it.....

 Not that it is much of anything just yet.. but it will be soon... check it out and save the ole link ;-)

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I have missed you all !!!!

Tons and tons of hugs and kisses and all that fun stuff ;-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

I just have to ...

... finally show off my Julia.  For those of you who don't know me in "real life" sure know Julia from my stories I tell on here.  The rest of you, family and friends,  well, you just know who and how she has grown to be what she is today.  Since my family and friends are all over the place and we don't get to see everyone as much as we like, some of you we haven't seen in oh so many years,  I thought, I'd share something with you right now, right here...

Julia went to the University of Georgia Music Institute a couple of weeks ago, where she stayed for four days and learned what you are about to see and hear.   For those of you who don't know, or don't remember, Julia plays the viola.  She is in 9th grade, actually, after the summer, she will be in 10th grade (another gray hair just popped up..ggrrr).  She auditioned in the form of a recorded music CD (thanks to friends of Julia's grandma who have a music studio and made the audition CD happen) for this camp and originally was denied as she was too young for a new member.  Julia went for the seating audition for the music camp instead, where she was placed in the higher orchestra, so the director of the music institute told Lewis on the phone.   Long story short, she made it into the Chambers Orchestra of the Institute after all, where they created a third chair just for her; usually they are limited to two chairs.   Family members will receive a DVD upon request, which Lewis put together... but I wanted to share some of her music already via this medium and for that, Lewis created the following videos (and those are very different then what he'd done with the DVD).   Now my warning:  Lewis put it into 3 youtube videos all of somewhere around 9 minutes, so you may want to fluff up your pillow before viewing ;-)

Get your pop corn ready, turn up those speakers, lean  back  and enjoy !!!  Hugs and kisses and all that fine stuff ;-)

Monday, June 7, 2010


Good morning, my fine friends... Just wanted to let you all know, I am still alive and kickin' ;-)   I know I haven't shown my silly face on any of your pages, haven't read any of your posts.  I will make my rounds, I always do, I just don't know exactly when.  I've gotten  myself into too many things and I guess, this site here had to suffer.

Since last time, Jenny has graduated and started college even before she was finished with High School.  She is doing pretty well with the ole college thing.  She decided that she wants to do one year of college here before going to Hawaii where she had been accepted, whoo hoo.  Julia is off to music camp now.  I am telling you, my girls are growing up way too fast on me. Oh yes, and I changed my hair color (yesterday)

The ancestry study is going really well.  I have uncovered oh so many things.  I have learned that two family members were executed in the Salem Witch trials, some fought in various Indian wars, some fought in the Revolutionary war, a lot fought in the Civil war.  This is quite the trip.  While my own blood line still remains at seven people.

So, now it's your turn... tell me.. how have you all been?  What's new with you?    Tons of kisses... Liane :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My sister and I

Wow.. look at this, i am blogging once again.. whoo hoo.  And, and, and.. I even show you guys my silly face on a video once again ;-)   What a treat, eh?!

The following video was taken in a park where I live.. a little pavilion and they play the music every day at 11 a.m.    I chose to share this video with you all, because it shows my sister smiling, even laughing. Something, I don't see enough from her as of late.  I enjoy my sister greatly when she laughs.  In this little clip, I am trying to make her talk... to say something.. didn't even matter what it is she'd say.  You see, she has a problem with her voice.. she doesn't like to hear her own voice played back and with this, she avoids "talking" at all cause.

So this is it.. just a little video clip of silly ole moi and my sister, whom you've met last year via youtube video while i took you all to Berlin, remember??? ;-) 

Tons of kisses, from me to you

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In the footsteps of ...

Gen. William T. Sherman

Not too long ago, I've told you fine people about my personal travels into the past via genealogy.  Do you remember?  Well, yesterday we actually went out and took in a deep breath of air on a mountain with quite the story to tell.  We walked on paths that have been trampled on a long time ago with quite the purpose.  We walked through the woods that still hold some quiet whispers of those that once were here before us. And now we have come here to listen.   (as always, click on the pictures for larger view)
As you may or may not recall, I have been busy with Lewis' family history.  The other day I watched a show that does exactly that.  Matthew Broderick (to some he will be for all times "Ferris Bueller") was researching his heritage and it was quite the interesting discovery.  Turns out that one of his great great grandfathers fought at Gettysburg and other battles (on the Union side).  He was then sent to Savannah, coming through Atlanta.  He made it to Kennesaw Mountain, to the Battle of Peachtree Creek.  Here he was a skirmisher and unfortunately was killed by a musket-ball to the head on the 23rd day of July in 1864.  The name of this fine soldier was Robert Martindale, buried in a make shift grave in North Marietta.  During Sherman's Atlanta Campaign, those soldiers buried in that make shift burial where carefully exhumed and moved to the Marietta National Military Cemetery with carefully reported information of those soldiers found. The cemetery holds over 10000 soldiers with only a few unmarked or marked as unknown.  Such was the case for Robert Martindale of the 20th Connecticut volunteer Infantry, who, with Matthew Broderick's help has now given the stone number 2469 a name.  This is where I thought to take you all.  Walking in some of the footsteps of those who fought for what they believed in.  (by the way, did you pick up on the name of his great great grandfather?  In the movie "Glory", Matthew Broderick plays an officer named Robert Shaw).
  (note: the picture of Matthew Broderick is taken from

First, we make our way to the cemetery and the view is taking my breath away.  So many soldiers lay below the ground, dying in a battle they wished to win.  They surely did not die in vain and now, even an unmarked little stone with the number 2469 is finally receiving personal recognition.  Although this war was an American war, I felt thankful as I stared down onto that white square that didn't carry a name or any information other than the cataloging number 2469.  As Matthew Broderick before me, I got a little chocked up; it was hard not to.  As I stood there, I quietly thanked him for his bravery and his ultimate sacrifice. Now we step back into the car and march the paths where once a bloody battle took place. 

(Again, the picture with Matthew Broderick was taken from

So here we are, at the visitor's center at Kennesaw Mountain.  We pick up some info sheets here and there and sit down for a 18 minute long documentary, giving us a quick run through what had happened during the battle.  Then we take off.  Up to the top which leads us to some of the canons that would shoot at the Yankees as they would come up that mountain.  As you look around, you still get a feel on how it must have looked up here, what the air must have smelled like, the yelling of orders to those that needed to be quick with their actions.  Lewis, being a soldier himself (Armor Officer) gave me a better understanding of what took place behind those big canons and I could make up my own images what would take place in front of those little canons (not at all what i am used to seeing with Lewis' tanks).  We drive around to three more battle points and with each stop we learn more and more of the battle that was ultimately lost by the Confederates.
  Driving through Atlanta, you still see so many confederate flags in front of houses, or stickers on cars, even worn as t-shirt prints and tattoos.  Often I wonder about the people who display the confederate flag in whatever shape and/or form know what the said display means and if they even have a clue about what they supposedly stand for. Ignorance is bliss??  It makes me sad to know that so many people here still fight using race, yet, they don't want the racial issue to go away as it has become a convenient tool to achieve whatever it is they perhaps wrongfully want to achieve.  It makes me feel sad when people cry out for justice and yet, they are in the wrong.  It makes me sad that people believe that they don't have to be responsible for themselves.  It makes me sad to know that people take their life for granted. That they all seem to have forgotten.   I feel that more people should be reminded of the blood that was shed for all those living in freedom today.  I, for one, will always be grateful and I am not even an American.  And with this, I will now follow the story of Lewis'  family and their military background... who knows what we will discover...

Friday, April 30, 2010







Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back In Time

Time travel.. what an interesting thing to do.  We do it all the time when looking into the mirror.. seeing our reflection.  But what about further into the past?  Would you take that ride?

I've been busy with a project I've started about 4 weeks ago.  Curiosity grabbed me once more and shackled me to my computer.  I need to know more about my real father.  I have nothing to go by but his name and a guess as to where he was born.  I know where he died and where he lived most of his life.  So I research various sites that promise to help with finding ones ancestors.. finding the story of YOU.  After a while I made up my mind that would be the best way to go for me.  So I sign up, pay the asked fees for their world-access and I enter the first name and little data I had.  Nothing !!  No results where found.  More Information is needed.  While I try to remember bits and pieces, I start entering more names.  My maternal grandparents and great-grandparents, my sister, who is only my half-sister and before I knew it, I was done with my blood line as I knew it.  Seven people in all.  Doesn't sound much like a German Family from back in the day now, does it?  As I still scramble for info in my head on my real dad, I figure, I enter my husband and his family, starting with his maternal side.  And with this, I entered into a new world.  I am time traveling all the way back to 1325, Wales, England.

I have now entered 252 people; my very own blood line remains to be of seven people, while Lewis' side is growing and growing and growing.  Not only in people, but in stories as well.  Lewis has a very diverse Family.  His father is Mexican and somewhere in time, Lewis' dad's father was adopted.  As the story goes, his family can be traced back to Spain.  I have only touched the surface on that one as I am still traveling the roads of Willimantic, Connecticut.  In my little reading room (or my library, as i call it), I have two boxes full of black and white photographs of people I have never met.  People who have lead a life so unfamiliar to me.  People who had to go through things that will remain foreign to me.  Those pictures are of Lewis' maternal grandmother, great grand father, family members that where born in the early 1800's. Some of the pictures have names on them, others include a small story told by the sender to the recipient.  I have a box with documents of birth, of death, of illness. Some document the move from Rhode Island to Connecticut to Yuma to Los Angeles, California.  And even though it seems to be a treasure trove of information, it leaves oh so many gaps and even more questions to be answered. And so I travel...

They have come to America from Wales, England.. but why?  I am not sure.  they have lived in Rhode Island for a long time before moving to Connecticut.  A brother of who would be Lewis' great great  grandfather died in a railroad accident in Boston, while his family was in Willimantic.  So I set out to investigate.  The census I found show that Lewis' great great great grandfather worked in a Cotton Mill with his wife and several children.  I come to find out that at the time there was a railroad project from Boston all the way through Willimantic.  Why is Willimantic so significant?  I find out it had the largest Cotton Mill in the world at the time and  Willimantic had a thriving economy. (Today, the old Cotton Mill is a museum)  So now I knew why they left Rhode Island.  But why did they move to Yuma?  It was Lewis' great great grandfather who packed the bags and moved the family to Yuma, Arizona in 1906.  By 1908, he owned a store, a hotel and numerous pieces of real-estate.  They started three orchards with Grapefruit, Oranges, and Cantaloupes.  But why Yuma?  It was Lewis' grandma's mom who moved the family now to Los Angeles, after her husband died and she remarried.  Why Yuma?  What was it about Yuma?  It isn't exactly around the corner from Connecticut.

This question puts things into perspective for me.  This travel down an old path I have never been on, might be a travel of one of my great great great grandchildren.  It will show that I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and at some point moved to Tucson, Arizona.  It will show that I have lived numerous places in numerous States.  Perhaps their story isn't all that different from my story after all.  Who knows what else it will show of what is yet to come for me, but I think I want that this information is not a secret.  I look at those old black and white faces in front of me and wonder how they actually felt at the time.  What was it that most occupied them.  What gave them reason to do whatever they did.  What made them be who they were.  And why did they move to Yuma? And so I will keep traveling into an unknown past and the unknown future. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear wonderful Friends,

    as you can see, I am indeed still alive.  I've been busy busy busy with our friends from Berlin.  We've been here and there and truly about everywhere.  Off to Orlando we go this Sunday, whoo hoo !!!

Well, I only had but a second to come on here and inform you all that I still draw a breath and I shall return soon with lots and lots to say.

Be assured that I miss you all.  And maybe, just maybe you miss me a little bit too ;-)

Until next time.... tons of hugs and tons of kisses!!!!  and don't you forget me!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not truly M.I.A. I am

Hello my fine people  :-)   Just a quick update and then I have to sail off once more.  I finally recovered from that stubborn stomach virus only to see that it has just traited hosts and is now bugging Julia.  When Julia does something, she does it right and full force, so she added strep throat and today we include pink eye to her sick-list. 

I have kept the little fortune message you receive in a fortune cookie at our local Chinese restaurant.  I have it for a while now,  because I wanted to share this with you fine people.  It reads:

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. 

What say you to that???     (Kisses to you all and I very much miss you)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh boy... it has been a while, hasn't it?

Well, lots of things going on around me, robbing me of precious "blogger" time.  My multiply page hasn't seen my face in quite a long time and my facebook page is getting a bit of attention in the morning and now this page is suffering the ole Liane-withdrawal.  Question is, did I take on more than I can chew?  Should I be a one-page-woman?

For now I am dealing with a silly stomach bug... ggrrrrr..

Hope you all are doing much better...  Don't you forget about me now... i'll be back soon !!!  And I know I say this a lot, but I will come around and read your blogs (Thomas, mind slowing down a bit so I can catch up?? LOL)  But seriously, when I am not on here, I do miss reading you guys.

I miss the daily smile with you Tom; 
I miss the romantic travels with you, Thomas; 
I miss the updates and thought provocation from you, Wifey;   
I miss laughing at (or is it with?) your blogs, Walker;  
I miss reading of your progress, Tree; 
I miss reading all that's going on with you, Ranger Tom;
I miss perusing through your beautiful page, 1manview
and Roggy.. my addiction.. I miss reading all that you put forth

I miss so much more of so many more people, but I'd never finish this post if I keep up with the

I shall find an evening to devote just to you fine people, instead of my archeology magazine and such, ha.  

Until then, I truly hope you won't forget about me... Tons of hugs and kisses and all that fun stuff from  me to you !!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

.. a beautiful day in the neighborhood.. would you be mine???

(click on the pictures for larger view)

Today was a wonderful day.. freakin'  cold, but somehow it was just breathtaking out there.. so we had no choice... I took you all to the lake and river.. and look how great it looks !!!  The lake's water level are now way above normal.  The drought is over !!    Weather in Hotlanta has gone crazy and today is no difference... it is unseasonably colder for this time of year, and truly quite nipply... but at least it's not raining.  We have had enough rain, I say!!!  Anyway... I couldn't resist taking you all along for a walk.   And this one was a lot more fun than yesterday's outing ;-)   tons of hugs and kisses from me to you fine people ;-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DaVinci is calling!!!!

Today, I took you to the worst museum exhibit I've ever seen and I do apologize for dragging you guys along.  But as always, you guys didn't have a choice!!  The sucky exhibit in question: Leonardo DaVinci.  Leonardo DaVinci can't be sucky, he is the greatest guy there was, you say?  Yes, he was a great guy indeed, however, the exibit sucked and didn't do him any, non, nada, zip, zilch, no justice whatsoever.  A shame, really. 

At the entrance, we were greeted by this massive statue of DaVinci's famous horse with which he honored Ludovico Sforza.  The exibit only has six rooms and I was so very crushed to learn that we will not see those amazing things that I thought we would.  Not to say that his drawings of the horse, the Mona Lisa, the last supper, the dissection and measurements of the human head, his venture into the human anatomy, his writings and his doodles weren't impressive, but I wanted to see his flying machines, his war machines, his invention of an armored "car", his parachute... yes, all that kind of stuff...Come on! show me the good stuff!, i demand, but instead, we are just looking at drawings that depict his artistic talent and thought process of building a horse and how a human might function.  As usual, we are not getting those cute little audio sets and it just so happens, that (and it never fails) something catches my eye and all you see is a date on the little info-sign. Lucky me, there is a couple with a headset right in front of me.  I lean in a bit and she gives me a look.  To my defense, her look was not clear on whether she felt offended or enjoyed the lean. The look did travel for a moment to her partner.. perhaps just to reassure that he will be there should she need protection.  Just let me listen for one moment... Oh, you are from France, are you?  I disappointingly stepped back and mumbled a few German words to myself before marching on to the next picture on the wall.

We were in and out in about an hour with very little learned, no ooohhhhh's and awwwww's and even less coming from Lewis, who didn't want to go in the first place but was guilted (if that's even a word) into it by moi (that much for my French).  As always though, I need a trinket for my feeble mind to later (much  later!!!) recall this venture. And look at that, we are in luck; a store conveniently placed in front of the exit.  And here too, I have been let down by my expectations.  There was nothing worth enough to be bought by me.  What has my museum-world come to, I ask you?  Into the elevator we go which quickly transports us to the exit-level.  Another museum store and I figured, I give it another shot before walking out into the icy cold.  Nothing.  Come on now. Ah, yes, a coffee mug, which reads "Genius" in red lettering on a black coffee mug.. perfect!!!  But I have to tell you all, our next trip to the museum has got to be much better!!!  Perhaps, we shall travel to New York and see a few exhibits there again.  We shall see... you all will join me once more, won't you?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Beginning ( B. Y. A. because you asked)

(posting this on Valentine's Day as I was yet again asked to do so)

Her friends have been on her all day already, pestering her to join them on their venture to the clubs this night, which she declined consistently.  Her roommate was supposed to be gone, so she did prepare herself mentally already for a quiet night.  She hadn’t had that for a long time... a bath, perhaps, then a movie on the couch, just snuggled up in a comfortable blanket.  Yes, that sounded like a fantastic plan, which was still being hammered by the voices of those friends who thought that that’s not a way to spend a Friday night.  No… Friday nights were supposed to be spent in cute little outfits that would be paraded across a dance floor until the morning, close to when the sun comes up.  And besides, they want to go to an American club… she didn’t think so…not in her lifetime!!!  Finally, working day is over and victoriously, not having given in to those pesky friends, she went to her car and into the afternoon traffic, while already dreaming on how nice and quiet this evening will be.

The bathwater already running, the air filled with the soft scent of vanilla, towels ready… she can’t wait to slide into the hot water and just turn off that brain for a bit and let those muscles turn to mush for just a little while.  The doors bell…oh no… not the door bell.  She fights with herself whether to answer the intercom and ended up ignoring whoever dared to push the little button and have the nerve to interrupt what was about to take place.  Now a knock… rather loud and harsh… gosh… let’s just look through the peep hole… oh noooooo… oh nooooo… they found their way to her door… damn it…  She opens the door and her lovely friends stomp into the apartment, demanding that she gets dressed as they all will be picked up in about half an hour.  Declining was impossible, so she finally gave in.  She turns off the water, pulls the plug in the tub, sobs a bit as she watches the water rush down the drain.  It was just not meant to be that she will enjoy one weekend just for herself.

They enter the club… a club she has never been to.  It was an American Club and she felt quite uncomfortable.  Her friend comes back from the bar carrying drinks.  White Russian is the drink of choice…great… a club she never has been to, and now drinking an alcoholic drink she never had heard of.  Great night… she is overjoyed that she came.  Not much that can be done now; might as well make the best of it. She takes her white Russian to the edge of the dance floor and actually starts moving her hips and stuff just a tad to the beat of the music.  Okay, it’s not that bad to be here, she will survive.  Finally feeling comfortable with her new friend, that Russian, she takes in her surroundings.   However, one of her friends made her aware of this guy on the opposite side of the dance floor, who has been staring at her for quite some time.  Gosh, now that she knew she was watched, all concentration is turned back on… don’t spill your drink, don’t fall on the dance floor, don’t poke that straw into your eye and certainly, don’t have that Russian get down the wrong pipe and make it come out of your nose… oh the pressure… damn… The pressure was on now!

She has been successful not to cause any embarrassing situations for quite some time, when he approaches her at the table, asking her for a lighter.  What the heck is a lighter?  Ah, yes, fire for his friend, who was in need to light his cigarette.  Finally, contact has been made and now the desperate try to put together a conversation was another task to overcome.  He had a solution for that; he just asked her to dance.  Yes, no words needed when dancing.  The bodies can do all the talking.  So she got up and joined him on the dance floor.  She enjoyed herself a lot.  Funny how one does not need words, but can say so much.  After a few songs, she returns to her table.  Soon after, she was approached by another gentleman, who felt the need to give her his phone number written on a napkin.  She was still quite taken by the dance and its conversation.  And then he, her dance partner, approached her again.  Her stomach made once again, several flips and she laid off the good ole Russian and switched to regular coke… didn’t settle the butterflies, but she needed something to hold on too without getting drunk.  A clear head was wanted right here.   His voice has just been something she has never heard before, couldn’t even compare it to anyone.  His eyes had her mesmerized.  Her night came to an end when her friends where leaving.  He wrote his phone number on a napkin and wished her a good night and left the table.  She got up, grabbed one napkin and left.  He saw that napkin still laying on the table and disappointed went to pick it up, only to find, that it was his rival’s phone number that was completely ignored by her. Yesssssss!!!

They have not spent one day apart since they have gotten together after the first phone call.  Countless hours have been spent in the car (after already spending the day together), talking…making conversations that would take perhaps 30 minutes into four or five hours with the use of a tiny dictionary and outside temperatures of negative Celsius degrees, but it never mattered… she was so very happy.  He was all that she has always been searching for.  She used to wish to marry a Spanish man… a desire built up from those numerous vacation destinations to cities in Spain.  She always looked for a man who can forget what she looked like and challenge her mind…even teach her, a desire brought on by the few relationships she had, where her partners just seemed to lack intellect and so much more.  His smile brought her to her knees each and every time.  He was it… he wasn’t from Spain… but it was all close enough, with a mix of Mexican, Irish, Dutch, some French, English and even a tad of German…  a man she could introduce to her mother with pride and actually not really care what  “mom” will say.  Her mom, however, approved very much so and things just couldn’t get any better.  Every day was in paradise.  Then, the day came when she was told that she is carrying a new life inside her.  He was as happy as can be.  She was as well; however, reality now sank in.  He was not from here… he was only here temporarily.   She couldn’t just pack up her life and take it elsewhere, but that’s what this moment of happiness was pointing out.  This is, how her reality was about to look like.

For the next 2 years, she missed him very much. So much, it drove her insane at times.  This little tiny face reminded her on a daily basis what she had let go.  Those cute big blue eyes with those sickening long eyelashes were the exact copy of his eyes.  Her hair, when born was as black as the night before it fell all out to make room for the new soft red hair, which also reminded of him.  She cried a lot during those years, knowing that she pushed away the man she was searching for, for such a long time.  She felt laughed at by the world, for being so stupid.  Her mother wouldn’t let her forget for one moment, that this was the biggest mistake, not to mention the most idiotic thing she has done thus far.  He had to depart for America shortly after his daughter was born.  He arrived at the hospital to see his little girl.  She has not seen their daughter thus far either, as an emergency cesarean had to be performed.  Not really sure why, the hospital of choice was a catholic hospital, which made no sense at all as she had no religious denomination.  He, however, as she later learned, was catholic.  At the same time of him entering her room, a nurse approached to bring a beautiful little girl to both of their eyes.  That was the last time she had seen him and the first and last time he had gazed upon his little creation. 

2 years have passed and she could not take it any longer.   She had taken out his phone number he had left behind oh so many times, even dialed them up to the last number and found her fingers right away disconnecting the call before it could be established.  But not this time; this time, this phone call had to go through.  She took a deep breath, one last look into those little girl’s eyes and pressed the last number.  She felt almost suffocated by her strong heart beat, which pressed against her chest and lunges, making it so very hard to breathe.  An answer at the other end, one more swallow and words need to come out… words asking if he is around.  To her disappointment, his brother answered and the conversation was ended with the understanding that he would tell his brother that she had called.   Now, nervousness settled in for a while and she asked herself if, perhaps, it was a mistake to call him.  What if he had moved on?  What if he had married someone, maybe even became a father again?  What if he hated her for what she had done?  What if he’d never want to hear from her again?  The phone rings… on the other end… his voice.

A few months later, he arrived at the airport in a country, a city, where it all began.  She is overtaken by anticipation of his arrival…to look into his face, his eyes once again… she had waited so very long for this moment.  She was also worried how his little girl would take to him; after all, this little girl would not allow any man to come near her.  Then, there he is and it immediately felt right again…oh so right.   And those big blue eyes were just stuck on this man who just entered this little girl’s life.  He picks her up and she did nothing but look at him.  She felt comfortable in his arms…as if she knew, as if she felt that this is right.  3 months later, she took her little girl and flew to where he lived.  To give it a fair try this time.  And 3 months after that, just 4 days before she had to fly back to her home country, he sat before her and said that he does not want to let her go again as an unmarried woman.  This time, he wants to make sure that she does not just leave his life once again.  Two days later, they were pronounced Husband and wife.

( For the Valentine's Theme:  19 years ago, on this 14th day of February, Lewis asked my mom for my hand in marriage.. and he did so in German (that was quite impressive!! ha)

Monday, February 8, 2010

When lying becomes a lifestyle

What a life to live when all we have to tell are lies.  Worse yet, when lies become one's reality.  Or is it worse when one knew one was getting lied to, but let naivety take its usual place by pushing logic of that comfortable chair?   Or is it even worse when one knew one was lied to and then be hurt by this behavior?  What is the point in lying?  No, not the "my dog ate my homework"-kind of lie.  More the stabbing in your back kind of lie.  When a meaningful relationship (or what one thought would be a meaningful relationship, a friendship) is stretched across the blade of that sword that slowly digs deeper and deeper into ones rib cage with each lie.  It riddles me, how a person who decides to lie and deliberately hurt a "friend" only to keep peace at home.  Wouldn't the peace have never been in question if honesty would have been implemented from the start?   And then, to keep that peace, the lie has to be carried out to further places.  It needs to stretch as far as it can stretch to avoid the truth to ever show its face.  Why?  What is the point?  Living a lie is the way to go?  No matter how much another person gets hurt by that?  Come on, a person cannot be so heartless.  There must be somewhere a little bit of a conscience, no?  Well, may I introduce you all to my best friend "Naivety" ?

Actually, Naivety has been a pretty loyal companion of mine throughout the years.  A bit weird as my other best buddy is "Logic"...  Naivety and Logic have their own little hierarchy they strictly live by and I shall not dare to interfere.  However, Logic really needs to grow some balls and stand up to Naivety, perhaps even toss it out, I wouldn't mind at all.   But regardless, it hurts a lot when someone, who you thought would be more than just a regular ole friend turns around and out of the blue pushes the sword in and insists on twisting the blade around for some special effects.  What's the gain?  What's the satisfaction of hurting one person only to not be in trouble with another?

It shouldn't have come as a surprise.  The warnings were spoken from those who cared, the signs were there for easy detection.  The eyes didn't want to see,  the ears didn't want to hear and the heart didn't want to believe.  Although, Logic very well knew right from the start that this will happen.. the question wasn't really the "if", but rather the "when", Naivety kicked Logic in the stomach and took full control of the situation.  The only thing Logic could do was sit and watch while Naivety ran the show.  Is there an expiration date  on Naivety???  If so, that date better come up quick.   Logic knew that it was unwise to "trust" as we all know, once you trust you are at your most vulnerable.  To Logic's defense,  there was a bit of a fight between the two of them, but as always, Naivety swung that pretty little scepter... and that was that.   Still, the question remains, what's the satisfaction of hurting one person only to not be in trouble with another?

Friday, January 29, 2010


What to cook.. what to cook.. ah, yesssss  Chili con carne !!  Obviously, it's not a German dish and therefor, I used to rely on a little seasoning package to make it just right (at least for the German palette.. okay, MY palette).  Whenever I go home, I buy those to bring back with me to my "American Kitchen", or my sister brings me a bunch when she comes for a visit.  My dilemma now.. my family has the odacity to ask for it, knowing quite well that I don't have the seasoning.  "Well, look it up on the Internet", he says. "Nooo, American's put all kinds of stuff in there like corn and tomato pieces and white beans and... oh it's just not right!!!"  But because I'm game and I want to make my family happy, I sit and look for a recipe. A true Chili con carne recipe...  And I find tons, thanks to google... I am sorry, but either the dish doesn't look right or the ingredients don't sound too appealing to me.  But, one positive thing, I now know that it is unclear of the dish's origins and therefor, it's still a debate amongst some American States and Mexico as well as the thought that it actually may have been an Aztec-dish.  I also learned that chocolate is used in some recipes (perhaps, that's where the Aztecs come to mind) and often, Mexicans use, what they call "Mole" (a spicy chocolate sauce) (Mole.. it just does not sound right)... If there is no (known and proven) origin and there is no set recipe for this dish, a question remains...

How the heck does a German gal make a dish that is soooooo controversial?  Tell me, how do you make your chili con carne???  ( I know, you are all surprised that I can be domestic ;-)  )

Monday, January 25, 2010



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Slave To Temptation

(A post I wrote a while back... but David Bowie was playing on my car stereo and i remembered... so here you go)

As I lay here, listening to some old tunes by David Bowie, I cannot help but fall into my own past due to his voice. Whenever I hear his voice, regardless where I am or what I am doing at the time, I am instantly transferred oh so many years back and relive in minutes, what took me months to live through at that time. And as I try to talk myself back out of my thoughts, I lose focus and stay right where I am… 1980’s it is.

In Germany, a movie was made, based on a true story. This movie is of harsh teenage realities when living in the midst of a city, that seems so disorganized and children roam without any supervision. Children without a purpose or reason longing for something in their meaningless lives. This movie was about a 14 year old girl who moved into a new area where she had to make new friends, after her mother faced a divorce. When children moved into those high rise complexes, those, that remind of the American Projects, but do not carry the same meaning, nothing good could come out of it, as they will have to find strength to not fall into temptation. It can, however, be a wonderful temptation. A ride so full of experiences and at the end of the ride, hopefully, you leave your wagon and never step back in, satisfied and scared off. My ride did not satisfy my curiosity, but surely scared me off... at least for that ride. This 14 year old girl named Christiane F. , a big David Bowie Fan, met the wrong people, went to the wrong places and ended up a heroin addict. A fascinating story, if you are able to take that ride without leaving the roller coaster cart for a closer look. You step out and you are left on your own; nobody to catch you or guide you back.

This movie took place in Berlin and I have been very familiar with all the places shown. She looked beautiful. Long hair, pretty eyes, she was smart, spoke with the Berlin slang (which I don’t really enjoy hearing as it is grammatically very wrong and is rather a contradiction to her intellect). A girl, full of dreams and hopes for her future. She meets a girl whom she instantly connects with and is easily enticed into going to a dance club, where she ends up meeting a few more people, all engaged in the drug scene. One of the guys becomes her boyfriend who is heavily addicted to heroin and in order to afford his elixir, he prostitutes himself out to  men of homosexual nature. It did not take long for Christiane to create a huge curiosity for that white stuff and this new type of life style. Her friends were not strong enough to keep her away from the drugs, as Christiane took matters into her own hands and finds herself in a public bathroom, trying to use a syringe filled with the liquid demon. After that, we in the roller coaster wagon, become witness of a life falling apart that hasn’t even begun.

David Bowie lived around the corner from where I lived and at the time of filming, he had his concert in Berlin. The entire movie was underlined by his music, and his song “hero” was the main song as a scene shows him looking into Christiane’s eyes from the stage, while she is displaying her likings for him, forgetting for a moment, that her friends are a few rows behind her, swallowing the medicine that keeps them in their comfortable state. And we start witnessing how she is physically changing, mentally changing and on the way losing friends, not surviving the ordeal they have put their bodies through. We witness an attempt of becoming clean, which was rather gruesome to watch, but successful for only a few days. The movie does not end with a conclusion or a big bang. All we knew was, that Christiane was sent away to become clean and have a fresh start. When the movie ended, I was as curious as ever. And so I packed a small bag with a few things and set out to the subway to take a tour of the places and assess for myself how bad the situation was. Curiosity had such a strong hold over me, that I started to forget why I was there. Why was I there? I truly had no other reason than to just verify. And so my little adventure started. I had to see for myself… I couldn’t just take the word of a movie-maker.

Here I was, in the midst of it all, yet far enough removed to not be involved. The danger, however, was eminent. Temptation was my new companion and I didn’t miss to turn any rock on my path of knowledge, experience, and perhaps even stupidity. I have put myself into situations that are of serious consequences, yet, never got hit by any of it. I always came out of every venture with a bruise, but quite alright. I walked through dark alleys no tourist would ever lay an eye on. I smelled smells, I couldn’t identify and that’s probably for the best. I starred prostitution in the eye, yet, never engaged. I watched the needle go into the arm, but never was it my arm. I watched people “puke” all over the place, but never did I lose my stomach’s content. I have seen it and heard it, but never experienced the “high”. I have become a total slave to curiosity. I allowed others to show me and while I observed, I was satisfied with the pay off. I felt down, I felt torn, I felt in pain, I felt robbed of air much like they did, yet, I felt it all without the magic powder. Months later, after counting my emotional scars, it was time for me to follow another temptation and let go of that one. And whenever I hear David Bowie sing, my own movie is instantly on replay.

Today, I use this movie as a tool to show my girls, how easy it is to fall for temptation’s poisoned apple and how hard it can be to not take a bite. I wonder often how much of a contradiction I am, as Temptation to this day, has a way of persuasion with me. It pokes me in the side and I have to follow… I have to know… I need to experience…

How about you???

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Wanna join me??
What a weekend that was...  still busy renovating the ole house... 
how was your weekend? 
did you do anything fun and enticing?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

(me, the old lady !!!)
(me, who has not ever been to High School in America !!)
(me, who drove people crazy over this !!!)
(ME, who can now finally continue with college)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finished ! Done ! Finito!

Make them go away !!!  Numbers, nothing but numbers.  Today was the day for my math portion of my GED testing and this completed the entire test.  Yesterday, I have tried to get all of what you people in America have to do in 4 years of High School math into my head.  To my aid came Jenny and she deserves an award to have hung in there with me last night.  We went to bed exhausted and I doubt that I was any smarter then before, but I couldn't take it anymore.  I have found enough distances for the night, found more than a fair share of percentages of silly things and there was enough time spent on factoring stuff.  Without having looked into Geometry at all, we called it a night.  Ninety minutes testing and so much bubbling... gosh, to my time of school, one had to write the answer, not bubble it in.. almost like art-class "'stay inside the line!!!   As I was sitting there, trying to figure out the ole slope and how many gallons Monica has to put into her car to take her 190 mile trip, i was once again asking myself, why the heck am I doing this?  After all, I have completed High School and college and even did the ole American college classes already... I looked up, saw the GA flag and remembered with a "sigh".  I finished... used up all of my time too.  41 years old and I am nervous like a High School kid on testing day.  I have a bad feeling about this one... I know, I know.. that's what I said about the other tests and I've made it.  This time just feels different.  I have a feeling that Monica isn't getting to her destination because I forgot some gallons.. I wonder if Paul isn't getting to read his psychology book, cause i messed up on the probability and I sooooo doubt, that y will ever meet up with x.    Ahhhhhhh....

Friday, January 8, 2010

We Moved !!

We no longer live in Hotlanta.   New address: Winter-Wonder-Land...  Guess whom I am inviting for the ole house "warming" party.. Yup, Mr. Gore, I have a party platter just for you !!

Gosh, it's cold here.  The snow arrived mid-day yesterday.  It snowed on and off.  Over 30 accidents were reported yesterday.  This morning, they were talking about a 15 car-pile-up as well as a 27 car-pile-up by the airport. We only had a bit over half an inch of snow!!!!! 

No school open today...  quite crazy.  When I grew up in Berlin, school was going on, regardless of the weather condition.  Quite the days to make up for the girls as we had several days off last year due to the crazy rain we've received.  So the girls are at home today.  They are warning of the ice still present on secondary streets (that would include the way out of my subdivision...great!!)   What to do today???  All plans are out the window...  Lewis is finally done with his Kindle.  For days now he was glued to that thing as he was reading "The Dome" by Steven King.  No matter where we went, that thing was his loyal companion.  Today is a snow day and he finished "kindling" last night.  Oh nooooo, what to do??  Since we can't do what we should be doing today, he is suggesting to go out to the movies.  We shall toss ourselves out into the crazy world of nervous (not to say "dumb") drivers.  I hate to say it, but the drivers I am most afraid of are women, old men with hats and Asians.  Now get those people into half an inch of snow and all hell shall break loose.   Jenny suggested the movie with Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp (I guess there is no need to explain why that movie was chosen) "The Imaginarum of Dr. Parnassis".

How about you?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

W H O O H O O !!!!!!

Finally, I've been patient for 1.5 years and today was the day.  The darn braces came off... silly tooth is completely in it's place and the only memory I have of my traitor tooth, the ole baby-tooth, is a little scar on the roof of my mouth.  And finally, I can eat all I want again without worrying if any lunch is still hanging around by 4 p.m.   And OH MY GOSH, flossing.... i can floss like a normal person once again... that deserves an extra HIP HIP HURRAY...  It's good to be normal again (well, semi-normal, I guess) !!!

(and we shall talk about the snow later !!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's freakin' freezin' out there

Oh my gosh it's cold... Hotlanta has 18F; windshield makes it feel like 5F... Snow in the forecast for this afternoon.  Warning of black ice; parts of a Highway was closed last night due to ice. We are 20 degrees below our normal average temperature for this time of year... 20F !!!  Sorry Mr. Gore, but I am switching sides now.. gosh, it's nipply... bbbrrrrrr.  Anyone want go to a tropical island with me????

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So Far So Good

Happy New Year, my fine friends.  For me, this year started off alright, in spite of  all the work we are currently doing to our house (we started to replace the kitchen floor the end of December and will hopefully finish by tonight).  The crazy rain that fell on Hotlanta in the last few months of 2009 has created quite the damage to thousands of homes. We thought, we've dodged the bullet, but unfortunately,  the bullet had hit our property as well.  It will be alright... the house will be all prettied up just in time to put it on the market, eh?!

It's still freakin'  cold here.  We had some sleet, and further north of us (not by much), snow fell.  I am ready for warmer weather, how about you?  March is just around the corner (that's what I keep telling myself).  March will be a great month as my dear friend Kay (you recall Kay from the Berlin-Birthday-Party-Video, don't you?) and his family will be here for three weeks.  I can't wait.  About ten days after his departure, my sister will arrive and stay for a couple of weeks.  I can't wait.

I am starting to ramble on while sitting here having my morning-coffee with you fine people. 

So how did you ring in the new year???