Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finished ! Done ! Finito!

Make them go away !!!  Numbers, nothing but numbers.  Today was the day for my math portion of my GED testing and this completed the entire test.  Yesterday, I have tried to get all of what you people in America have to do in 4 years of High School math into my head.  To my aid came Jenny and she deserves an award to have hung in there with me last night.  We went to bed exhausted and I doubt that I was any smarter then before, but I couldn't take it anymore.  I have found enough distances for the night, found more than a fair share of percentages of silly things and there was enough time spent on factoring stuff.  Without having looked into Geometry at all, we called it a night.  Ninety minutes testing and so much bubbling... gosh, to my time of school, one had to write the answer, not bubble it in.. almost like art-class "'stay inside the line!!!   As I was sitting there, trying to figure out the ole slope and how many gallons Monica has to put into her car to take her 190 mile trip, i was once again asking myself, why the heck am I doing this?  After all, I have completed High School and college and even did the ole American college classes already... I looked up, saw the GA flag and remembered with a "sigh".  I finished... used up all of my time too.  41 years old and I am nervous like a High School kid on testing day.  I have a bad feeling about this one... I know, I know.. that's what I said about the other tests and I've made it.  This time just feels different.  I have a feeling that Monica isn't getting to her destination because I forgot some gallons.. I wonder if Paul isn't getting to read his psychology book, cause i messed up on the probability and I sooooo doubt, that y will ever meet up with x.    Ahhhhhhh....


  1. Hey...I helped too!!! Granted I may not be as patient as Jenny, but I helped...just sayin'

  2. LOL... you're right.. you did.. all of what, 5 minutes? I have to give credit where credit is due.. so THANKS for helping!!!! loooovvvveeee yoouuu

  3. You are remarkable...awesome in your abilities and insights. "Divide" and conquer...get it? You can do anything because you are LIANE...kind of like a superwoman, you know? Hugs...Susan

  4. You are done... you can't change anything now, the main thing is that you worked your tail off, and got through it... Your family supports you because they love you, and you have done so much for them... How cool. I was hoping to hear that you had finished, now I know... And you will have done wonderfully... Monica just pulled in the driveway, and said that you had figured it out perfectly... she just wished that you had sent warmer clothes and more practical shoes for her... Way to go Liane, This is great news!

  5. now its time to have fun... that will wipe all those numbers right out of there...


  6. Math can be intimidating but it was one of my favorite subjects.
    You more than likely did well and just scaring yourself.

  7. Hey Liane Baby,

    I HATE maths so I knwo where you are coming from but I am sure you will be just fine!

    XOXO as always,


  8. Math was always my worst subject... Here's to hoping you pass!


  9. WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO She did it she did it! She has her GED! I told you I told you! Very cool, I am so happy for you, but I knew you would do it! Thanks for giving me the great news. Way to go Liane! You are the most bestest... and best of luck with the continuation of the project!

  10. Susan... you are too kind ;-) Superwoman.. don't i wish!! LOL..

    Tom... LOL.. poor Monica ;-)

    Winters REaper... i am always up for some fun.. what do you have in mind?? ;-)

    Walker... I love math.. i truly do. But i love it on my terms !!! lol

    Wifey... I don't hate math.. but man, my brain just turned into mush as I sat there :-(

    Ranger Tom ... I should have taken a drink with cute little umbrella with me.. that might have relaxed me a little..lol PROST!!

    Toooooooooommmmmmmmm... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!


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