Wednesday, January 13, 2010

(me, the old lady !!!)
(me, who has not ever been to High School in America !!)
(me, who drove people crazy over this !!!)
(ME, who can now finally continue with college)


  1. I think somebody owes me kisses... I told you that you would do great silly So what classes you taking first... I might take them too and we can be study

  2. C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S W*E*L*L***D*O*N*E

  3. Yup yup yup... we all told you that you were going to be just fine... we told you... but the heck with that, it's all over, Congratulations - woo hoooooooooo - how very cool is that... Poor Monica, though, she can't find her way out of my driveway now, and when she does, she wants to find a Payless shoe store... Way to go!

  4. WOW.......ich wusste es ! Herzlichen Glückwunsch für Dich !!!!!!! :-)

  5. That is simply wonderful to hear Darling Liane Baby!

    Do remember to keep us all posted of your college adventures...

    XOXO as always,


  6. way to go....

    now you can soar with eagles instead of flying with the turkeys... *snickers*

    but really thats super...

    *one big fat kiss for you*

  7. Congratulation !!!!!!!

    Math pffffft piece of cake.
    Now onto a new chapter.

  8. Michael.. I owe you more than just kisses ;-) take my hand for another dance? and LOL to the studying together ;-) wanna get your doctorate in Anthropology too??? ;-)

    Indigo... well thank you very much ;-)

    Tom... you truly do enjoy the ole "i-told-you-so-thingy", don't you?? lol... thanks for believing in me as much as you do ;-)

    Wifey... I think, the tales of me doing my classes would bore the world to tears, don't you think? lol.. Didn't I get on your (and all others on here)nerves enough with that silly olde GED stuff??? ;-) and you know, if I could, i'd just give you big hug.. just 'cause ;-)

    Winters Reaper... I am soaring (with whom or what, i don't know, but i've been soaring for quite some and hey.. are we both ready already for that big fat kiss??? ;-)

    Walker... thank you so much... piece of cake, eh? didn't taste like that during that week of testing and not knowing what.. well, never mind about all and yes, onto a new chapter.. whoo hoo!!!

  9. Frank... ha ha.. du wusstest es ;-) danke fuer den Glueckwunsch... war eher ein speed-bump.. da ich hier schon studiert hab war es recht laecherlich das ich das mit dem Hochschulabschluss nachholen musste... aber dies war schneller und buerokratisch einfacher einfach den Abschluss hier zu machen damit ich entlich mit dem Studium fortfahren kann.. yipeeee!!!!

  10. Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber ich möchte wünschen Ihnen einen herzlichen Glückwunsch! Sie können mir einen Drink später! PROST!

  11. Ranger Tom... your German was not any worse than my own, LOL... The longer I am here in the States, the worse my German gets. My mom is making fun of me and always offering me the ole dictionary.. you should hear me talk German on the phone.. sooo sad!!! And you know, they say that should you have a stroke as a bi-lingual, you could lose one of those languages.. my luck, it's the German language and i will have to rely on my bad english... and then, as i become that old lady in a nursing home, i can't remember anything and with that, i will starve.. that's my fate... i will starve to death because of the ole language thing.. aaahhhhh ;-)

  12. I get by with my High School German and the four months I spent in Bavaria in 1986... But as soon as I open my mouth they know I'm an American... I've forgotten most of what I learned and just now I'm am relearning it for a possible trip to Europe this summer.

    I refuse to learn French. ;)

  13. Happy Friday... I hope that you are well... getting some carpet put in the house, and things are a bit chaotic... love you tons, and I hope that you have a peachy, exotic and above average weekend...

  14. Congratulation !!!!!!!... Have great weekend Liane...

  15. Congratulations Liane, never doubted it for a second that you could do it, next stop, Dr. Liane.


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