Monday, January 25, 2010




  1. Good question
    you only get along if you are prepared to give some of yourself away
    have a great week

  2. It would be so wonderful if everyone did get along. Everyone needs to be color blind, or just plain blind so we can see the real beauty of the world and the people in it.

  3. Good point, and your picture illustrates another point, of how much better people do get along when they are naked... just sayin'...

    I know getting naked usually has a positive effect on my morale, and I tend to play nicer with others at that time as well...

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  5. Carrying on form In The Moment baby's post above maybe if we got the leaders of the world together naked we'd be able to sort out the Israeli/Palestinian situation, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and the Balkans but to mention a few?

    XOXO to you my Darling Liane Baby as always...


    PS: I love the shot of you in sunglasses on the top left hand side of the blog - SUPER CUTE!!!

  6. It's funny.
    Genetically we are all the same but if we throw religion and politics into the mix then we are all different.
    Life is simple we make it complicated.

  7. you know as long as we can find two people willing we will always have hope. The second we cant find this all is lost.

    lets start with us?

    I think we can get along.... so there is hope..

    now should we get naked?

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  9. Wow, did I blow that one... I can usually get along with just about anyone, just don't think that I could get along WITHOUT you...

  10. Pete... perhaps that's how it's done.. why is it so hard for many to do so?

    Curt... not being able to see the other person.. relying purely on once senses.. perhaps that's the answer to the issue

    Tom.. LOL.. perhaps we all need to be naked, being totally exposed to weaken the ego (perhaps).. on the other hand, not everyone is suited to be just in the nude, no? there are just some things I don't really need to

    Wifey... that's just it.. if people would just stop trying to convince others that their way of thinking is the right way, wouldn't we all be a bit better off? I believe, this holds true for any political and religious opinions as well as many other opinions. If people could accept that people have their opinions due to their own circumstances and what makes most sense for them, wouldn't we get along much better? what say you?

    Walker... I so agree with your statement "Life is simple, we make it complicated"... it's just our nature to do so??? what say you?

    Reaper... I think we can get along as well.. at least we can give it a good shot ;-) Yes, let's get naked.. I apologize.. it's a bit nipply here in ATL ;-)

    Tom.. you silly goof ;-) you made me smile with your comment ;-)

  11. Yes as usual I agree with you wholeheartedly my Darling Liane Baby - tolerance for all!

    XOXO as always,



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