Friday, January 8, 2010

We Moved !!

We no longer live in Hotlanta.   New address: Winter-Wonder-Land...  Guess whom I am inviting for the ole house "warming" party.. Yup, Mr. Gore, I have a party platter just for you !!

Gosh, it's cold here.  The snow arrived mid-day yesterday.  It snowed on and off.  Over 30 accidents were reported yesterday.  This morning, they were talking about a 15 car-pile-up as well as a 27 car-pile-up by the airport. We only had a bit over half an inch of snow!!!!! 

No school open today...  quite crazy.  When I grew up in Berlin, school was going on, regardless of the weather condition.  Quite the days to make up for the girls as we had several days off last year due to the crazy rain we've received.  So the girls are at home today.  They are warning of the ice still present on secondary streets (that would include the way out of my subdivision...great!!)   What to do today???  All plans are out the window...  Lewis is finally done with his Kindle.  For days now he was glued to that thing as he was reading "The Dome" by Steven King.  No matter where we went, that thing was his loyal companion.  Today is a snow day and he finished "kindling" last night.  Oh nooooo, what to do??  Since we can't do what we should be doing today, he is suggesting to go out to the movies.  We shall toss ourselves out into the crazy world of nervous (not to say "dumb") drivers.  I hate to say it, but the drivers I am most afraid of are women, old men with hats and Asians.  Now get those people into half an inch of snow and all hell shall break loose.   Jenny suggested the movie with Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp (I guess there is no need to explain why that movie was chosen) "The Imaginarum of Dr. Parnassis".

How about you?


  1. You are probably glad you don't live in Wisconsin. We were just delivered ten inches or more of the white fluffy stuff. It's now a nice 24 degrees out.
    Only a few schools closed. It's beautiful looking out the back window and seeing all the trees covered with snow. I'm waiting for a deer to show so I can take a picture of it with the snow back ground. Of course they probably be a no show today....

  2. I'm so damn sick of the cold... I'm originally from Pennsylvania, so you'd think I'd be used to it... It seem like everywhere I live it gets cold. Even when I lived in Arizona, i lived in a place where they measured snow in feet, not inches. My brief time TDY in Germany in 1987 while I was in the Army, of course had to be in Bavaria in October, November and December... Now for the last four years I've been in south central Florida, 80 miles northwest of Miami, and this morning when I got home from work at 8:15 AM it was 29F...

    I'm really thinking of retiring to Micronesia...

  3. Same as 1man... we got a liberal dusting yesterday, maybe 6" - and today that lovely cold front is on its way from the Dakotas... No schools closed here, but Hotlanta has not cornered the market on stupid drivers, we got some here too... more than our share, I think... Have fun at the movie

  4. 1manview... nice to see you again.. you've been missed !! and living in Wisconsin..well, i leave that to the "hardy" I have to agree though.. it's beautiful to look at, all that white stuff on the trees, the ground.. I just don't like how it makes my nose, ears, hands, feet ..well, how it makes me hurt !! LOL

    Ranger Tom... I am from Berlin, Germany.. when I was little, we had tons of snow, but the winters started to get milder as I got older. By the time I was an "Almost-adult" (lol), the winter's had hardly any snow to offer. Munich... well, Munich always beats the winters in Berlin.. Munich has always had way more snow and colder temperatures, but lots of sun shine with it... But what we have here now, it's just ridiculous.

    Tom ... lol.. i don't think, Hotlanta has cornered any market as of late... but dumb drivers... are you sure you have those too? lol .. and the movie.. well.. was a bid weird.. not sure what to make of it just yet..

  5. you are so going to get cold in that snow.... and I love it... *lets run and play*


  6. Snow is like sex, you never know how much you are going to get or how long it is going to just enjoy it, in your part of the world, it can't last very long... take care, keep smiling, and don't forget you most favorite mrtom has to deal with this on a daily basis, for months at a time...

  7. Just like you, when I was younger, it snowed so much, the snow banks was so tall, you couldn't see over them. Cars had flags on their antennas, so you could see them coming. Then there was very little snow as I got older. But the last four years, things have been getting closer to when I was young.... I was station in Germany (K-town) when I was younger. Not a lot of snow, but a very different type of cold air. I was outside more then most, because I was from Wisconsin and could bare it a lot longer then the southern gents. My Sergeant had been there ten years and still couldn't handle the bitter cold... But like In The Moment so nicely but it, Snow is just like sex... lol ...


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