Thursday, January 7, 2010

W H O O H O O !!!!!!

Finally, I've been patient for 1.5 years and today was the day.  The darn braces came off... silly tooth is completely in it's place and the only memory I have of my traitor tooth, the ole baby-tooth, is a little scar on the roof of my mouth.  And finally, I can eat all I want again without worrying if any lunch is still hanging around by 4 p.m.   And OH MY GOSH, flossing.... i can floss like a normal person once again... that deserves an extra HIP HIP HURRAY...  It's good to be normal again (well, semi-normal, I guess) !!!

(and we shall talk about the snow later !!)


  1. This is excellent news, I know how much it bothered you and what a pain it was, literally and otherwise... Anything that increases opportunities for you to smile is something that I will always heartily endorse! I am so tickled for you... we can sure use something about now to take our minds off the weather! Most excellent, congratulations!

  2. Now you can Chew Chew without the train tracks ;)
    I bet your happy top have that million dollar smile back without the braces

  3. Congrats Liane! I wore braces for three and a half years when I was in my thirties. I know how you feel getting them off. Now go eat some caramel. :-D

  4. Oh congratulations on that Liane Bbay - my parents got me into braces at 13 and at the time it was painful and I hated it but it was the best thing they ever did as now I have perfect teeth!

    XOXO as always,


  5. did somebody say snow..... I wanna see....

  6. Don't remind me of the dentist... I've been putting off some dental work I've desperately needed, but I am getting it done this spring... I'm tired of not smiling.

  7. Tom .. whoo hoo.. those freakin' things are out of my mouth. We sure do need more stuff to laugh about, don't we... Know a good joke?

    Walker... lol, that was cute! million dollar smile.. well, i am close, ha!

    Tree .. I ate nuts and I ate spinach and I flossed with so much joy.. how pathetic am I, eh? lol

    Wifey .. I had to have those darn braces, 'cause I still had a baby-tooth (k9) with the permanent tooth laying flat in the roof of my mouth.. I spare you the description of procedure, but it wasn't pretty.. glad those darn things are out :-)

    Winters Reaper .. I did say snow.. what exactly is it you want to see?? ;-)

    Ranger Tom .. I know about this not smiling thing.. i just couldn't do it.. I just had to deal with people looking funny at me as i showed my ole metal mouth ;-) glad that's over.. was hard to determine if they looked at me funny due to ME or due to my braces ;-)

  8. That would be a $1,005,000.00 smile thank you very much :-)...the kisses are even better ;-)

  9. I'm long past braces stage... Which I should have gotten years ago... That and a nasty accident here on the railroad a few years ago knocked out 3 out of 4 of my lower incisors... So now I'm at the point of getting some veneers and a bridge...

    I'm not looking forwards to multiple extractions at one sitting, but I'm a Ranger and I'll soldier on...

    I was just stupid and put it off for too long...


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