Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's freakin' freezin' out there

Oh my gosh it's cold... Hotlanta has 18F; windshield makes it feel like 5F... Snow in the forecast for this afternoon.  Warning of black ice; parts of a Highway was closed last night due to ice. We are 20 degrees below our normal average temperature for this time of year... 20F !!!  Sorry Mr. Gore, but I am switching sides now.. gosh, it's nipply... bbbrrrrrr.  Anyone want go to a tropical island with me????


  1. Sure - count me in Liane baby!

    Can we make it an island with some nice hot (older) men?

    Hop on over to me when you get a chance - missing your lovely comments...

    XOXO as always,


  2. What I've been saying for years... Global Warming my ass!

    Here in South Central Florida it was 30F this morning when I got off from work...

  3. @ xoxo wifey: Is 44 to old/young for you/ lol

  4. Maybe experiences of this type with your current weather conditions will have some benefit... in making you more hardy... and more prepared to spend time in Wisconsin, should that ever be a travel option. I promise you will survive.. I am not telling you that you have to like it, because I know the answer to that... but remember, everything is temporary... right?

  5. Mary .. a sigh of relief just escaped me.. sooo nice to see you. I shall go and link myself to your new location.. gosh, i am quite the stalker, eh?... okay, i am all packed to go, ready???

    Wifey .. whoo hoo.. you have no idea how ready I am for the atmosphere of the Caribbean islands. And i have seen some old guys over there too last time i was there.. so that would work out great then ;-) And you know, i have read your blog this morning.. loooooong blog, i just ran out of time to answer by the time I finished reading.. i shall return though ;-) And you know I will ;-)

    Ranger Tom .. I know.. I shall go on tv, claim that the next ice age is a coming and receive a Nobel Price for it.. what say you ;-) And "LOL" to your comment for wifey... I sure hope she'll see it ;-)

    Tom .. You know, i don't need that kind of experience. There is no benefit it freezing.. well, unless.. oh never mind that..LOL

  6. I am ready for a tropical anything.
    I hear it will be dropping 20 degrees down where you are by Thursday.
    Start running south now ummm or skiing

  7. oh come now.... I can keep you warm in the ice...

    ok maybe I can't when do we set sail....

  8. Walker ... OMG i can't find the right words to describe how much I dislike this cold weather. Those temperatures are nuts... bbbrrrrr

    Winters Reaper ... keeping me warm in the ice is going to be quite the challenge !!!! just sayin' ;-) When do we set sail?, you ask.. let me ask you "What are you waiting for? let's go !!!

  9. Tröste Dich Liane,hier in Berlin ist es auch nicht besser :-( Es liegt schon so lange Schnee und am Tag liegen die Temperaturen bei ca. -6° brrrrrrrrrr ..... Ich wandere aus ;-) Am Samstag gehe ich nochmal aufs Depeche Mode-Konzert,die haben noch eine Hallen-Tournee rangehangen.....freu mich voll ! Lieben Gruss an Euch und nochmal - Happy new Year !!! -

  10. Frank .. LOL.. wohin wanderst du aus? ;-)

  11. Da, wo es nur warm ist........ich hasse den Winter sooooooooooooooo sehr.........heute haben wir Schnee-Sturm ...... Gruss :-)


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