Saturday, January 2, 2010

So Far So Good

Happy New Year, my fine friends.  For me, this year started off alright, in spite of  all the work we are currently doing to our house (we started to replace the kitchen floor the end of December and will hopefully finish by tonight).  The crazy rain that fell on Hotlanta in the last few months of 2009 has created quite the damage to thousands of homes. We thought, we've dodged the bullet, but unfortunately,  the bullet had hit our property as well.  It will be alright... the house will be all prettied up just in time to put it on the market, eh?!

It's still freakin'  cold here.  We had some sleet, and further north of us (not by much), snow fell.  I am ready for warmer weather, how about you?  March is just around the corner (that's what I keep telling myself).  March will be a great month as my dear friend Kay (you recall Kay from the Berlin-Birthday-Party-Video, don't you?) and his family will be here for three weeks.  I can't wait.  About ten days after his departure, my sister will arrive and stay for a couple of weeks.  I can't wait.

I am starting to ramble on while sitting here having my morning-coffee with you fine people. 

So how did you ring in the new year???


  1. I had to work...

    Hope you had a great New Year's Eve!

  2. Ranger Tom... you had to work, eh? well, i sure hope you still had a wonderful New Year's Eve ;-)

  3. I just had a quiet night at home with a few friends, dinner and then board games... was in bed by one, and at work yesterday at 6... Every day is a good day, some days are just better - the weekend off, so these days are a tad better...
    Good luck on the house... And don't tell me about cold... we have -10 or so... colder than somethin...
    Huge kisses for all that you have going on in 2010, and very cool about your visitors...

  4. My shift on the railroad started at 12 midnight... I had to spend another eight hours with two knuckleheads...

    Yep, it was great! LOL

  5. so you ended up on the beach like that?

    must have been a nice new years ;p

  6. Tom ... you cannot whine about your temperatures. You are a hardy people, remember? LOL... -10F... I could not do that.. -10 C is already enough reason to move, ha!

    Ranger Tom ... you must love your job, yes? dealing with two knuckleheads after midnight (or at any time for that matter) does not sound like fun ;-)

    Winters Reaper ... gosh, i would have loved to have ended up at a beach for New Year's Eve... Unfortunately there was no beach in sight for me that night ~sigh.

  7. No whining here, just stating facts... it is cold, but this is winter, and this is what we get for living way up here... And yes, we are hardy people... All is well with you?

  8. Oh I do love my job, but sometimes the people I have to work with are a bit trying... sometimes I tell myself if I'd have just stayed in the Army I'd be retired by now...


  9. I rang in the new year very gently.
    Oh and I live on in an ice cube btw up here in Canada.
    Warm weather up here is watching the neighbor's house burn down.

  10. March will be here before you know it. :))

    Will you be doing more video blogs for us when he comes and visits?

  11. Tom .. yes, all is well with me. busy, as usual. Santa didn't grant me my wish of more hours in the days :-( And it's getting colder and colder here..ggrrrr

    Ranger Tom .. Funny, Lewis is saying the same thing when he has to deal with stupid people ;-)

    Walker .. I wouldn't live up there if they'd pay me. I am such a whiner when it comes to cold weather. My brother moved to Winnipeg a year ago (from Germany). One would think he'd pick a warmer place, eh?

    Mary .. nice to see you.. kinda missing you, you know ;-) And yes, March will be here before I am ready for it, I just know it. Video blog.. I think i shall leave that activity in the past, LOL .. So tell me, where did your blog go? or perhaps, where did you move it to? ;-)

  12. I am missing you too.... you are my rock you know... follow the link, I'm posting from my new page.... the blog looks identical to the old one... just a new spot....

    lol, why????????? I liked the video blogs!! *stomps feet*


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