Monday, June 7, 2010


Good morning, my fine friends... Just wanted to let you all know, I am still alive and kickin' ;-)   I know I haven't shown my silly face on any of your pages, haven't read any of your posts.  I will make my rounds, I always do, I just don't know exactly when.  I've gotten  myself into too many things and I guess, this site here had to suffer.

Since last time, Jenny has graduated and started college even before she was finished with High School.  She is doing pretty well with the ole college thing.  She decided that she wants to do one year of college here before going to Hawaii where she had been accepted, whoo hoo.  Julia is off to music camp now.  I am telling you, my girls are growing up way too fast on me. Oh yes, and I changed my hair color (yesterday)

The ancestry study is going really well.  I have uncovered oh so many things.  I have learned that two family members were executed in the Salem Witch trials, some fought in various Indian wars, some fought in the Revolutionary war, a lot fought in the Civil war.  This is quite the trip.  While my own blood line still remains at seven people.

So, now it's your turn... tell me.. how have you all been?  What's new with you?    Tons of kisses... Liane :-)


  1. I did. Very much. :-)

    Welcome back Liane!

  2. Have I missed you? Only like my lungs might miss oxygen...

  3. Tree.... that made me smile ;-) thank you

    Tom... I could say tons right now but i shall refrain... you just know what you mean to me, don't you? ;-)

  4. baby you know who you look like now.... that jennifer anistion gal and thats a good thing in my book... shes cute. I would love to hear all about the findings and what places you used to help you find all this stuff.... I have been thinking about doing the same thing.... and since you are a expert now you can help me.... so I call on a pro *smiles*

    you still need a spanking for being gone so long...

  5. oh my dear Sir Thomas.. Jennifer Aniston, eh? LOL.. I don't see it though ;-) I shall help you with all my new-found knowledge and wisdom, if you so desire ;-)

    LoL.. are you the one to spank?? ;-)

  6. Good to see you're still alive and kicking. Hope you're well Liane.


  7. And that question again? Have I missed... change that to yes and no... the no portion would come from always carrying you in my heart... the yes portion comes from that selfish part of me that enjoys contact when the senses besides memory and imagination are involved... at any rate... you know what you mean to me as well, yes?

  8. well I do.... *winks*

  9. Yay to Jenny !!!

    Sounds like you are enjoying digging into your family history.
    The past is so intriguing.

  10. Hunter.. good morning.. so very nice to see you. I am still waiting for you to call and re-schedule ;-) Hope you are over your allergies, my dear Mr. Hunter

    Tom... yes, Tom... yes i do ;-) and thank you ever so much.

    Sir Thomas... lol.. let's determine whether it's supposed to be punishment then ;-)

    Walker.. thank you.. I do enjoy the digging... it's a lot of work, but sooooo interesting... and the best part is, an answer is always accompanied by another question.. another riddle... hey, i hope all is well in your world, Walker ;-)

  11. whats punishment is whats going on to me when you leave..

    yes I desire *winks* help with your knowleadge.. new found type... *smiles*

  12. and it goes on unabated... the thoughts of you, the smiles that you continue to bring to my life, my desire to continue to learn and grow with you... and our efforts to carve out a moment here and a moment there... I love you tons... many thousands of hugs...

  13. My dear Liane, you know I've missed your smiling face, and excellent writing.(Love those Berlin stories...:)Hugs and kisses, with a swat for being Shawn


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