Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DaVinci is calling!!!!

Today, I took you to the worst museum exhibit I've ever seen and I do apologize for dragging you guys along.  But as always, you guys didn't have a choice!!  The sucky exhibit in question: Leonardo DaVinci.  Leonardo DaVinci can't be sucky, he is the greatest guy there was, you say?  Yes, he was a great guy indeed, however, the exibit sucked and didn't do him any, non, nada, zip, zilch, no justice whatsoever.  A shame, really. 

At the entrance, we were greeted by this massive statue of DaVinci's famous horse with which he honored Ludovico Sforza.  The exibit only has six rooms and I was so very crushed to learn that we will not see those amazing things that I thought we would.  Not to say that his drawings of the horse, the Mona Lisa, the last supper, the dissection and measurements of the human head, his venture into the human anatomy, his writings and his doodles weren't impressive, but I wanted to see his flying machines, his war machines, his invention of an armored "car", his parachute... yes, all that kind of stuff...Come on! show me the good stuff!, i demand, but instead, we are just looking at drawings that depict his artistic talent and thought process of building a horse and how a human might function.  As usual, we are not getting those cute little audio sets and it just so happens, that (and it never fails) something catches my eye and all you see is a date on the little info-sign. Lucky me, there is a couple with a headset right in front of me.  I lean in a bit and she gives me a look.  To my defense, her look was not clear on whether she felt offended or enjoyed the lean. The look did travel for a moment to her partner.. perhaps just to reassure that he will be there should she need protection.  Just let me listen for one moment... Oh, you are from France, are you?  I disappointingly stepped back and mumbled a few German words to myself before marching on to the next picture on the wall.

We were in and out in about an hour with very little learned, no ooohhhhh's and awwwww's and even less coming from Lewis, who didn't want to go in the first place but was guilted (if that's even a word) into it by moi (that much for my French).  As always though, I need a trinket for my feeble mind to later (much  later!!!) recall this venture. And look at that, we are in luck; a store conveniently placed in front of the exit.  And here too, I have been let down by my expectations.  There was nothing worth enough to be bought by me.  What has my museum-world come to, I ask you?  Into the elevator we go which quickly transports us to the exit-level.  Another museum store and I figured, I give it another shot before walking out into the icy cold.  Nothing.  Come on now. Ah, yes, a coffee mug, which reads "Genius" in red lettering on a black coffee mug.. perfect!!!  But I have to tell you all, our next trip to the museum has got to be much better!!!  Perhaps, we shall travel to New York and see a few exhibits there again.  We shall see... you all will join me once more, won't you?


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  2. OK, to appease my seatheart, I shall lay down a few comment about my visit to the DaVinci exhibit here in Atlanta. I too was disappointed. I would have much more appreciated exhibits dedicated to his inventive creations and aspirations. Though I did find it interesting how you create a mold to ultimately construct a 26 foot horse out of bronze, that was about it for me. Hardly worth the $18/ticket I had to fork out. I'm sure others would have had interest in his painting, sculpting and drawing, but I guess I'm more the kind of guy that finds interest in feats of engineering, and aeronautics. I could spend several days at the Air and Space meusem at the Smithsonain...guess that's where I'll be while Liane walks the halls of the other, god knows how many, other meusems that are within the Smithsonain.

    Give me an aircraft carrier with a wing of figter/bombers aboard and I'll be as happy as a pig in ****!

    Lurker 6: OUT!

  3. I worked at an art gallery for a number of years, graveyard shift.
    I won't mention what that did for my nerves walking around there in almost complete darkness.
    The art work was all masterfully done but the director of the museum had little or no talent for displaying most of the pieces.
    Some of the pieces were/are not really relevant to the artists either but that's all they could afford to pay to display as well, so I was told.

    The one exhibit I remember was a dress made out of raw meat.
    Yes meat and it stayed there rotting until no one could get close to it without fainting.
    I could have found something better to buy with the $50,000, like a herd of cows for a big BBQ.

  4. I've been to many exhibits as disappointing at the one here you describe... And agree with Lewis... Give me some fighter~bombers or tanks and stuff! Go the the Smithsonian! The greatest place in the States! Hopefully this summer I'll be getting over to the UK to the Imperial War Museum... A mecca for me...

    And to confuse a German accent with being French??? WTF? Don't get me started on the French... LOL


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