Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Schloss-Strasse, Berlin... my old home

Good morning my fine friends... 

Another video.. whoo hoo... actually, this was not the video I wanted to post next, but that video isn't quite done yet... cutting the stuff is a pain in my fourth point of contact (as Lewis would say) and so you all have to wait a bit longer to take a look at Schloss Sanssouci (a beautiful castle) with me.   So instead, you shall enjoy this short little video that had a much longer story than what was on tape... 

Meeting in the morning with my mom (and keep in mind, my sister is the camera"man"), we've decided to shop some and then go and have my most favorite cakes of all.. Strawberry cake.  There is no cake like German Strawberry cake, you can trust me on that.  Unfortunately, 'tis the season of plumbs, not strawberries ... so the hunt for some strawberry cake was on.  Don't get me wrong, i love plumb cake, but I already had some of it at Kay's birthday... I WANTED STRAWBERRY CAKE... 

As I was talking in front the camera, a guy was trying to start his Harley.  He turned the thingy and turned the thingy but it just didn't start...  really was getting a bit annoying (you don't see the full conversation on tape though).. anyway, at some point I couldn't help but laugh at him.  This lead to him inviting me over which I denied at first, but then, come on... it's a Harley for cryin' out loud... so I turned and put my cute little arse on the Harley seat... lol...  He offered to take me around a bit, but now I had to decline.. My mom was right there!!! LOL...  Anyway... off to find some strawberry cake...  again.. we don't have it all on film..grrrrr... but in the end, after a few hours search along that shopping street, we finally found a place and I was in heaven.  lol...


  1. Dunkin Donuts, how funny what american culture has popped up in Europe. On our recent trip to Ireland this past June on our last couple days I found the holy grail on the way to Dublin, Starbucks. My venti drink in Ireand cost 6.4 euros, almost had to get a mortgage. Love your videos, keep them coming ~ Curt

  2. Jus me...crashin again :)
    The video blogging is a great idea. I'm trying to talk Mary into doing something like this with the building of her new house. She could include a shower cam so it won't be too boring can only watch so many nails being pounded in before it gets old :))
    Jus wanted to say I enjoy your videos and I hope the rain there is giving you a break... Have a good day :)

  3. What fun! :) I KNEW I shoulda gone with you!!

    laffs at Nathan, I have an awesome shower going in... maybe I'll scare the bejesus out of everyone and do just that? lol.. kidding of course.

    Looking forward to more videos!!!

  4. I remember a story my dad told me about how he blackmailed his dad into buying him a harley, except he didnt buy him a harley but surprised him with a moped! haha. He was telling me that story as a warning that should I pull any such tricks to know he's been trained by the best. lol. Well, dad, I can now buy my own Harley!

    Berlin is so much like Joburg yanno?
    Its awesome!

    The vid blogs is a turning out to be the best thing eva!! :D

  5. curt - yeah, starbucks in Germany is even more expensive than in NY.. unbelievable.. doesn't even taste any different .. and yet.. i find myself ordering a hazelnut late

    Reckless - I know.. how neat would that be, eh? no the nailing.. oh wait... regrouping my thoughts... not the building of the house .. but with a mix of a shower scene or two... I vote for that!!!!!! lol

    Maryyyyyy.. don't be shy.. let me and Nathan in!!! well... darn it.. there go my thoughts again...

    My addiction.. laughing at your story with your dad... hey, one of these days i will see "Joburg" too.. a place I would love to see.. i can imagine the culture to be quite interesting.. what a mix... My videos.. well.. easy way to make yet again, a fool of myself, eh? lol....

  6. Only in Berlin... Pshaw you... Harley's headquarters are in Wisconsin, and manufactured in Milwaukee, one of my nephews works there... Excellent report again, you... can really get the feel and flavor of such a vibrant city... I can see why you liked it there so much - kind of like you too...

    Strawberry cake, lmao... you can turn anything into a quest, can't you... I enjoyed this very much, and I can see a life and a spark in you from being back home again in this clip... not that you are lifeless or dull other times, certainly not...

    And - I do approve of the shower scene as well... in case there is a vote, put me in the affirmative, and the front row!

  7. Guten tag Liane, thank you for the site seeing tour! It is funny how it looks at first like cities here.
    I have family in Germany but I am afraid that I will never get to visit, so this is nice to see your trip

    Best wishes,
    Mike Kelly

  8. Hi Liane, I decided to try out thise site! Just wanted to give you a shout!!


  9. LOL.. Tom... but I did end up with my strawberry cake.. you know why? do you? do you? 'cause i never give and see, we have a little bit of Wisconsin right there in Berlin ;-)

    As for the shower.. of course, you vote think we can convince Mary now with 3 votes already? ;-)

    Mike... yipeeee.. you made it here.. so nice to see you. Hope, all is well in your world and that my little corner right here isn't too crazy for

  10. It's unanimous! We all wanna see Mary naked :)

  11. Reckless.. did i say naked? ;-)

  12. Well...not too many people shower with their clothes on...

  13. I want strawberry cake!!!
    Is it anything like strawberry shortcake?

    There's such a thing like plum cake? no kidding! I want!!

    Thing I love most about travelling is getting to taste the desserts worldwide!
    Best cheesecake ~ Dubai. Jean's Coffee Shop
    Best Blackforest ~ Serena Kampala Hotel, Uganda

    hmm, i could go on but maybe i will just save all the bests for a blog or two.

    Loved the vid, dont think you made a fool of yourself anyhow. I love the fun spiritedness of it all.


  14. Reckless... see.. you said it "not TOO MANY PEOPLE..." meaning, that some do ... and what if Mary is one of them???? but either way... i'm voting for the shower scene ;-)

    Kay.. no kidding.. Best Blackforest cake can be eaten in Uganda?? I think I have to take you with me on my next trip to Germany so you can make the best comparison yet.. what say you? LOL

  15. Did you ever do a street view of a city on Google Maps... I just did some "ghost driving" down Schloss-Strasse and it was pretty cool... I think I almost hit your buddy on his Harley... LOL... Very cool. Google wants to eventually do everywhere in the world, right now they have just started with major cities in the world... I have seen where Mel's boyfriend lives in Milwaukee, and I have never been there! How cool is that! Keep your window shades down, or maybe not!

  16. Tom... isn't that a bit stalkerish? LOL

  17. Nah, it wasn't - I think the driver was like you, so we were going too fast to commit any serious voyeurism... sure, call me a peeping Tom... Anyhoo... it was fun to see your home in that way...

  18. by the way, sorry I missed you when you came calling... that darn lunch thing...

  19. Double ggrrr... we have to stop missing each other like this!

  20. OK... I will just say hello, good morning and happy Friday right here... :)

  21. Can I just giggle a bit?

    I have no other intelligent... anything really to offer.



    Hope yours is the best weekend Liane, smiles at you and holds up the other end of the thread. xoxoxo

  22. I guess when it comes right down to it... whether it's when you see a Harley and think of it being made in Wisconsin, or a cemetery because we frolicked there... I am good, and it makes me smile, just that you think of me. Peace... Love, huge hugs... all in quantities beyond your ability to comprehend...

  23. I'm just popping in to say...

    I'm kinda jealous!! :))) But in the best possible way!!


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