Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atlanta under water

Good morning all...

It is still raining, but not as harsh as it did yesterday.  The scenery around us was of gushing water from everywhere.  The heavens had no mercy and just kept dumping all this water on us.  We personally have suffered only a leak in the roof, others were not that lucky.  This flood claimed a woman's life in my county, but Atlanta lost 6 lives all together thus far, (although some reports speak of 8 people having died), not to mention the numerous people/children still missing.  Our governor has declared 17 counties State of Emergency, and our county is one of them.  Yesterday, roads and highways have been closed, schools have been canceled which is repeated today.  As you all know, I live right by Lake Lanier and the Chattahoochee River, but I haven't been out to assess the damage myself.  The lake has collected quite the water (so the local news reporter stated) and the river has spilled over in various areas.  The Yellow River also had a tough time holding in its water and finally broke under the pressure.  Somebody come and clean up this mess!!  Let's see what today brings.. hopefully no more lives will be claimed.

Coffee anyone?

Update:  The sun came out and we are enjoying a pretty blue sky.  I've decided to use this window of opportunity to pack up the girls and go to the lake and river to see how our lovely storm wrestled with them.  What I saw was nothing far removed from beautiful.  The water level is high, but that's no wonder after what came down for the entire last 8 days.  Don't be fooled by those pictures I took today though.. the rest of the city looks in pretty bad shape.

They are saying, we will have the rain until Thursday.  We shall see... we shall see...


  1. Get the coffee pot on ... looks like you'll be inside for a while

    Hope you are ok and your loved ones safe


  2. whoo hoo Michael.. i made it outside ;-) Looking at the sky right now, you would never guess what went down for the past week... unbelievable

  3. Man, blogger has been a bugger, I tried to post a comment earlier, and it just froze up on me.

    I'm glad mother nature has decided to be kinder, enjoy the lake... I'll meet you there for a picnic. :))

  4. Those are indeed beautiful shots!!
    It's funny, one region of the world is in bad need of water and another gets excess. Only humans can be blamed for the imbalance. lol

  5. Coffee... all this coffee... what if someday you wake up and you are a bean? Nice to see our friend the lake again... Huge hugs for all the damage and all... Mother Nature certainly has her way, when and however she wants, yes? Is that a gender thing, or should I cease the conversation right here?

  6. Mary, my beautiful lady... whoo hoo.. meeting you for a picnic.. i've got the strawberries and stuff ;-)

    My Addiction... indeed... quite the irony too, if you ask me. But don't let me get all political here ;-) NICE TO SEE YOU HERE!!!!

    Tom.. lol.. being a bean.. sounds like a dream i had.. oh never mind about that..lol... it's a gender thing??.. Let me tell you something.. well, maybe you're right..LOL

  7. Ich kenn den Lake nur mit weniger Wasser

  8. Sunshine... Wurde auch Zeit das wir wieder einen vollen See haben ;-) Nur ueberschwemmen sollte er nicht ;-)

  9. Uh oh, be very afraid... you are agreeing with me? Do we always agree? That's no fun...

  10. LOL Tom... temporarily agreement..lol

  11. Well, we do think similarly, on lots of topics... You are German, I am of German heritage... We are both human beings living in this great country... You like coffee, I don't... You are president of Al Gore's fan club, and I am not... what else is there? How far and fast should I run now?


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