Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Final Touch?

Moi, age 16

I opened the shower door and reached for a towel this morning.  I barely open the door to avoid the cold air to enter and I am basically blindly picking an available towel.  My luck, I grabbed my favorite towel.  Yes, I have a favorite towel.  This piece of fabric has touched, wrapped and caressed my body since the age of 10.  This towel has gone with me to oh so many places of this wonderful planet and through a lot of life situations. 

My towel wears my most favorite color blue and displays my name on the bottom side.  It traveled with me eleven times to different places in Spain, touched a tip of Portugal, been thirteen times to France, rushed around a corner of Luxemburg,  seen the Netherlands, been all over Germany, enjoyed the water in Switzerland, gone to Austria, Hungry, Poland, has seen tons of America and the U.S. Virgin Islands as well as the B.V. I.’s.  

One can say, my towel and I are inseparable indeed.   It is not the prettiest towel you have ever seen, and it is not huge, nor fluffy.  Wrapping yourself in it does not make you feel as if you are in a spa.  It does not make you feel like soft hands are running all over your body.  None of these hold true for my towel, yet I don’t enjoy another towel more on my skin than this one.   And today, when unfolding my towel in the shower, I had to see, that my towel is succumbing old age.   A hole has formed in the middle of its body.  I have noticed that it has gone thinner over the years; dismissed it as typical wear and tear…  Seeing this hole makes me rather sad, as it only recalls the obvious.  Nothing is safe from getting old and eventually fading away. 

With this hole, memories are starting to fade away.   Often, I would just stay wrapped in my towel and dwell in memories of where we’ve been together or situation we have faced throughout the years.  This towel survived break-ups in which I would lose important documents, baby pictures and other memorabilia, but never did we get separated.   I never made the notion to make sure to safe this towel, it just always happened that way.  

Thirty years this towel was my loyal companion, my servant, my comfort.  Yet again I face the true nature of time.  The cruel presence of age.  And the realization that nothing is forever.

[This, my fine friends, is a re-post from a looooooooong time ago.  It's been a very busy day and it will get even busier for me come this Wednesday.  My free time will come to an end, my research will suffer once more and you fine people will again see much less of me :-(  .  Anyway,  this blog post came to mind earlier today and I wanted to post it, just because...   one more time as it hits home today as it did back then in 2009 or so when I first wrote this post.      Good night to you fine people ;-)  Perhaps you will wrap yourself in an old memory tonight ;-)  hugs, kisses and all that fun stuff ;-) ]


  1. Wow, talk about dejavue (spelling sucks)... I do remember this one. Nite note my sweet friend. -Curt

  2. But then with age comes so many new things like ... pain and aches.. and forgetfulness
    Great post

  3. Thanks for that ..

    Robin H

  4. I do remember this I do with many that you have written in the past. I shall miss seeing you around, but you won't be forgotten. I wish you all the very best in your researching and school. Your hard work will pay off in the long run. I send you hugs and a year's supply of many flavored chap sticks...cheers with our cute fruity drinks and meet you under our palm tree when we can find some time...x0x0x00x

  5. I was trying to envisage you stepping out of the shower in your holy towel... It must have been a sight to behold...]

    I think I remember this post from long ago... so I;m getting older too... but the things that we are familiar with are hard to part from.

    I suppose that's why I'm still here.


  6. wow 16 huh...

    you were beautiful back then too....

  7. a cute picture...and I enjoyed the story...
    that's quite a long time to keep a towel...:)


  8. This isd funny for me because i have been using the same brown towel not for 32 years.
    Don;t get me wrong, I have about 60 plush towels mostly white or black but the one i still grab for is the old beat up tore up and resown brown one.
    Why, I can't tell you other than it's my towel.

  9. Well, well, I come in here to se if your heart is still beating, just too see you are off again. Stop by and say hello so we know when you are back...
    Take care 1Manview....

  10. I remember this one... back from the 360 days... another trip down memory lane. Thank you for resurrecting this from the archives... beautiful.


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