Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long time no read...

      Good morning to you fine people.   Wow, I haven't been here in what seems forever.   I've been quite busy.  I have to say, i miss blogging and especially reading your blogs...  I keep asking for more hours in my days, but nobody is listening..

          This as well as last week were even more crazy.   My studies, tests and papers just keep piling up on me... but i guess I did ask for it, didn't I?    Our Simba (white cat) died and Jenny  is just not doing so well with the loss.  He was 17 years old...  I watch Jenny and I can't help but thinking that he wasn't just a cat in our household... to her, he was so much more... a life long companion...  Interesting how an animal can be this deeply connected with a human.  Today, she will plant a rose bush on his grave.

         Oh... other news... my research is taking me on a trip.  I am quite excited over this one... you can read about it (and hopefully follow me over there) on my other blogspot page (which is just for my research)

           May you all have a most wonderful weekend.   Tell me how you've been.   Tons of hugs and kisses...

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  1. You will always be a breath of fresh air to me, a lighthouse as viewed from a storm tossed sea... Tell me of your journeys, of your connections, of your discoveries... I love you always, wherever you are, and I always await any word from you.


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