Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let Me Be Your Master

He introduces himself as a Master, offering an interesting insight to what seems to be a mysterious world. Her interest for this type of human behavior has lingered around for quite some time and thus found herself often online for some research. She is intrigued by his words and the look of his internet page, wondering whether she can find some comfort within this unknown arena. She feels comfortable talking with him, even feels tickled by the way he talks to her, which gives her a feel of stepping into medieval times. He describes some interesting aspects to the point of triggering her curiosity even further. Becoming thirstier with each conversation, she is convinced that this is exactly what she was looking for; one who actually lives as such…a real life object to learn from.

He is telling her of his lifestyle, answering her every question in a very colorful and careful manner. This master even offers suggestions of self discipline exercises as this is one major key in this submissive lifestyle; discipline. She feels a bit silly with some of those, but knows that it needs to be done to get the full feel and understanding for this lifestyle. He then tells her that it is time to stop being na├»ve and if she truly wants to “belong” there are rules she now needs to obey by. He is telling her in a very loving way, that she needs to make this decision for herself and he will patiently wait, but it is time for her to take his position as a master seriously. He guarantees to gently guide her into and through the world of submission, while he shall remain her true Master.

Being intrigued enough, she feels ready for that change and accepts his wonderful offer. She reads a lot of different material that covers the world of Marquis de Sade and some work by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. She is taken by the practices of which she reads and is eager to learn more about them. Now that she is genuinely ready and willing, he gives her a set of rules she needs to familiarize herself and from here on in has to oblige. She may question some, but always in the proper manner. With the new terminology learned, she is proud of herself how quickly she has them all memorized. In the upcoming conversation, she shows off what she has studied and he makes sure to praise her well and nothing feels better right now then the acknowledgment by her Master. He pads himself on his shoulder for a job well done before giving her a new assignment.

For weeks she is in constant training by him, this wonderful and gentle Master. She shows what a good submissive she is and he displays his pride of this new trophy well. With every mistake and every corrective punishment, which to outsiders could look quite harsh, and every lesson learned, she falls more and more in love with him. Through him, she has met other submissive ladies and has developed a true sense of belonging. She stumbles upon another Master’s profile in which she reads words that contradict what her Master has taught her. Keeping the rule of properly addressing questions, she is challenging this Master with her own knowledge. Confused, she goes to her master and tells of this encounter. He swiftly puts her into her place and is calling for punishment. She has strayed from her discipline, one aspect, she should never forget. Feeling guilty of what she had done, she takes her assignment that serves as punishment and obliges. Damage control on his part needs to take place and he puts his concentration back into full time disciplining her in a loving way. She feels safe with him and feels no longer the need to question anything any other so called Master may offer, as her master has given her the well meant warning to be cautious as there are many people in this virtual world who only pose as Masters but are not familiar with its true meaning, and are rather here in this virtual world to afflict harm on souls such as herself.

And so the training continues. She has learned a lot and feels very good in claiming the title of a submissive. Even her profile name shows of her status while an introduction informs to whom she belongs. She reached the mental point of not understanding how she could have lived any other way before. Having made herself completely vulnerable to him and having done things in the written word she never dreamed of having done in real before meeting this fantastic Master, she has turned into this new great submissive being, fully trusting her Master. She now completes his assignments well and finds satisfaction in doing so. There are no questions within her anymore and her entire purpose of being is now of a true submissive one. He feels she is ready for the next step. He suggests taking on what is called a “slut and/or slave”. He explains the concept of such and she feels comfortable with it, even to the point of being honored that he wants to do this for and with her. And so a new person is introduced. New sets of rules have to be learned and a new type of assignments given.

It didn’t take long for her to feel jealous in this new environment of not having her Master to herself any longer. And although their play is only in typed words, this discomfort feels so very real and so very deep. Expressing her feelings about the new situation, she soon discovers that this loving Master has lost what seems to be a true devotion just to her and her feelings. This soft spoken, mysterious sounding, oh so loving and concerned Master does not just stay beside her, and her alone. This new awareness opens her attention to what was done right before her blinded eyes. She couldn’t believe what she now is waking up to. Her mind going crazy with all those thoughts of all the things she has done with him, said to him, confided in him. Feeling hurt, ashamed and stupid, realizing that her curiosity has gotten the best of her, she starts feeling the pain slowly creeping through her body and finally reaching her mind. She has given up all that she was, because a man of intrigue caused her to shut off all logical protective behavior. She feels the wounds inflicted upon her opening even more as her mind becomes more and more aware of what she had done. Done with someone she has never met. Done with someone who is now out there, knowing way too much about her. While anger is taking its place now, she feels all the pain that a Mr. Sade only dreamed of inflicting upon his lovers, however, this time, there is no pleasure involved.


  1. and this one... *nods* your outlook will always capture me... hey, check your mail on the other site, I've left you my new email address as my old one was deleted. :( Of course I want to see... you know I'd rather be there with you though. :))) xoxo

  2. :)) I'm using this as your qc's... I just opened it back up, the other way was just frustrating and I know what you mean, it is somewhat cumbersome.... but I think I will stick with it...

    BTW - your page, is beautiful, I love the flow and sensuality of it.

    Good morning gorgeous lady.

  3. I say you are correct and that this is a very real experience for a number of submissives who interract on-line. It is I think a valid indictment of many who call themselves 'Master' and who do not realise the depth of commitment from the submissives that they are dealing with. It is too easy for such men to harm the girl through either malicious intent or reckless disregard. But I also know that that there are many submissives who enjoy the feeling of being abused and who readily enter into such relationships because they want to experience such abuse ... either because they enjoy investigating that side of their personalities or because the lack of respect shown for them reinforces their own feelings of self loathing. But then that's just how I see it.


  4. I say woah!
    Personally I dontapprove of the whole master/slave thing but I speak as an ignorant. I just can't seem to wrap my head around wilfully submitting ones self to another in such a way that the self completely ceases to exist and furthermore, I can't imagine how such power is handled insuch a controlling suffocating way and furthermore than that is that actual pleasure is derived from it. But you shed some light on a few things very well such as the need to belong, the seeking of approval, the platform of need in it's quintessential and raw form
    Powerful piece, this one.


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