Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Virtuality, the real Reality

Tears roll down her face. She has been hurt on numerous occasions before, but this time is really taking its toll on her tolerance to deal. So many questions of what went wrong and there is just no acceptable answer. Friends abandoned her, family once again disappointed; no longer willing to help. The view out of the window is blurry as her tears just won’t stop forming. At times, her body is shaking while she still tastes the salty liquid streaming over her lips. Feeling drained and helpless, calling this life to an end seems quite attractive right now. A glance over to that ole box, wondering if she received an e-mail of positive news. Wiping those tears once more off her cheeks, she turns on the monitor. No such e-mail arrived, but an ad; a message to join a fantastic place. At last, she finds herself entering a new world.

He is no stranger to this community, having spent his lonely nights right here about a year ago. In time he made his free daytime to a new life in a new world that provided him with what he needed to overcome his own pain. A charming and rather good looking, well established man. His words immediately display his sophistication. He enjoys his time in this world and has made quite the impression on many that came across his charm. Something about him that just makes one feel lifted up, perhaps even walking on clouds. It is fascinating and amazing how he just knows the right things to say. What a wonderful man; such a gift to the hurt soul. Tears magically stop to the sight of his words.

She stumbles upon his writing and begins a conversation, while once more getting rid of the tear that just escaped her pretty blue eyes. Gloomy words signal that she is in emotional pain and he immediately knows just what to say. He assures her that he is a fantastic listener and she may use his shoulder to rid herself of her distress. In no time the story is told and comforting words of his are spoken. A little smile forms on her face and she props herself up on this uncomfortable chair. They talk for hours and she forgot how unhappy she was. For a while, she was walking side by side an attractive man who understood her and provided much needed healing. Nothing else seemed to matter, but their stroll through happiness.

Weeks have gone by and she has fully moved into this new world. More friends have been made along the way and she couldn’t be happier. Every day he has showered her with compliments, virtual roses, enticing private messages and he even writes poetry. Words of lovemaking, answered longing, and total pleasure are the words his poems carry true emotions to her heart. Things are great, and there is no reason why she should dwell for even a moment in the past with the man who had broken her heart. Every free moment is spent here, where there are no worries, no hurt and only wonderful people surround her. She receives compliments, wonderful feedback by such loving people and she wears a glow that is typically known of sexual satisfaction. Here is, where she wants to be… here is where she must stay… here is where she belongs… here is where she is loved and wanted… right here is happiness… here she found her perfect world.

The day arrives where a personal message would shake her little paradise like a harsh hurricane; A message that would tell her of the true him. A typical Casanova he is, so the message said. A man who has made many hurt souls his prey. He is a true hunter and very successful indeed. She dismisses the well meant warning as an outburst of jealousy and in a reply she makes it known that she does not appreciate the spreading of such lies. After all, he has promised his true love to her. His heart is beating for her, as he has never met anyone like her who could make him feel this deeply. They are meant for each other. This was not the only warning to come her way. In short weeks to follow, mails of warnings and bitter words flock in and he promises that the ladies are only jealous that he has given his heart to her, instead to them. And so the weeks come and go and she is fully committed to him.

A confirmation reaches her. Devastation fills her, as she learns that all those warnings have indeed been of truth and with a confrontation; he is showing a different, not so charming side of himself. His behavior nothing like that wonderful man she fell in love with. His words of rudeness and shallowness decorate their conversations and in no time, she finds herself broken, beaten and once again in tears. Friends who have warned her are no longer by her side. This pain she feels is much stronger than what she felt a few months ago. Not understanding… and now doubting herself, she keeps confronting him for an explanation, which he is not willing to give. Instead, she is witnessing his charm now spilling onto a new hurt soul.

Family and friends stand in disbelief on this rainy day. Many questions fill each and everyone’s mind; questions of “why” and “how”. Everybody is creating their own answers and nobody dares to asks out loud. Judgmental words take their silent place and some guilt is felt as the shock still sits deep. Wonderful words are spoken, describing a wonderful young lady with so much to look forward to. Some quiet laughter fills the air as a story of her childhood is being told. Once more there is silence as everyone drops a rose with their parting words to a person that no longer is part of REALITY.


  1. I say ... hmmmm - a tormented and tempestuous piece - a stark warning and salutory tale - perhaps inevitable, perhaps typical but certainly personal and certyainly painful - to live through, to write about and to read.

    And you say you're not a writer - piffle


  2. -i will read again ......

    love how you construct your sentances..


  3. Gut punching ending....in true Liane style.

    You're just waaay too awesome! How you capture the very essense of reality is beyond me, but you surely do.

    Awesome, awesome!

  4. A strong reminder of the perils of virtual relationships. Many a heart has been bruised and damaged by fale hopes and mistaking dreams for reality...

    By the way, did I tell you how wonderful you are... and that you are the only one for me? I mean it. Kiss, kiss, kiss :-)

  5. Bravo... again!!! I wish you'd write more Liane... you are very gifted. :) xoxoo


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