Thursday, November 12, 2009

Senior Night... B.Y.A. (because you asked) on the picture


  1. Hey Liane baby,

    Aww those pictures look so cute and there is such a resemblance between you and your daughter..

    You're making me want kiddies again!

    XOXO as always,


  2. Awesome, wonderful, lovely... you all look so wonderful and happy and proud... as it should be. What a great night for a great family!

  3. You guys look really happy and that's good to see.

    You have to stop worrying about rambling. You don't ramble you have some really interesting points of view. They need space to be told.

  4. I'm just going to sit here and smile.

    Thank you for posting these.

  5. Wow... Lewis really slimmed down... Looks like the gym has done him good... Looking good Lewis.. Of course you are as BEAUTIFUL as always Liane... Look at those big You all look just wonderful..

  6. Aw what lovely pix!!!

  7. Smiles are always good to see. Congrats.

  8. Wifey -- lol.. making me laugh with the statement that i make you want kiddis again.. ;-)

    Tom -- thank you so much. I LOOK SO DARN OLD :-( but anyway..Yes, indeed we are proud of this little punk.

    Liam -- LOL.. usually i just ramble on my own post and i am starting a bad habit rambling on others now, i.e. yours.. perhaps it's an age thing... damn, i'm getting old...

    Mary -- you are welcome.. ask and you shall receive ;-) if i would just stop looking so freakin' old :-(

    Michael -- Yes, he's lost quite some weight. he said: Thanks for noticing !! ;-) Me, on the other hand, i am just getting old :-( But your comment made me smile, thanks (as always)

    Kay -- thank you ;-)

    Tree -- yes, it's always good to laugh ;-) thank you!

  9. You are a kid yet, in years, in attitude, in appearance, and in state of mind... In every way, you are just a kid... knock it off with the "I LOOK SO DARN OLD" stuff... I am not buying it, and neither is anyone else... You look mahvelous... simply mahvelous... and if you look old, that would make me a dinosaur...

  10. Tom -- ha ha.. a kid, eh? well, you are right.. when it comes to behavior I am a kid (one can argue that i am too often and too much of one [my mom would certainly say so]).. but i do start to see the signs of aging and i don't like it a bit. Perhaps it is time, after all, the age is there.. it's just natural, right? lol... makes me want to post another older blog of mine.. i shall go and find it... and if you are a dinosaur.. then you shall be my most favorite dinosaur ;-)


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