Monday, November 2, 2009

Good morning, my fine friends

My weekend started out with me sitting in front the fire place Friday evening.  WOMAN MADE FIRE without the help of a male.  First fire for this season and I was rather proud of myself.  Lewis and Jenny left for the Friday night football game (our team won again.. still undefeated, GO DAWGS [see, i am almost fully Americanized !! ] and Julia spent the evening with her friend in her room.  I had a nice and quiet evening.  Nerdy as I was, I prepared some tea, got my Archeology book out, unplugged my laptop and placed it in my chair as well.  The tv running in the background, but I don't recall what was on as I got lost in my text book.  It was nice, but it also came to mind that this might just be a glimpse to my future :-(

Saturday, Halloween... my girls usually participate in these festivities, but not this time around.  Jenny dressed up as a cat and Julia just threw on a jacket and they both sat outside in the cold handing out candies while Lewis and I watched how the Gaters beat up on the Bulldogs...  I like how Lewis gets sucked into the game (he used to play the game in high school and college), yelling "what the heck are you guys doing?" ... all I can do is shake my head at the man flipping out while sitting on the couch as those pour guys have to actually be in the game.. LOL

Sunday was a quiet day.. a bit of more future planing, but not too much.  We are movie junkies, so we went to the movies and watched Cirque du Freak ...  wasn't bad, but at the end one could say  we could have waited for the release on DVD..

Time to come to an end... gotta get to the gym and start the ole day ;-)

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun, sensual and/or enticing???


  1. Good morning there Liane, sounds like a great weekend, I almost started a fire Sat night out on our patio but it was a little too late. April and I ventured out on Saturday to a halloween party at a local wine shop and when we got there we felt like fools, we were the only ones dressed in costume (see my Facebook). So we one first place anyway (woo hoo). Sorry the Gators beat Georgia :(. Sunda was just sitting home relaxing watching the my Philly Eagles beat up the Giants.

    Have a great day and week, hope to chat with you soon to catch you, its been way too long.

  2. I am still smiling about WOMAN MADE FIRE!! :)))

    I love mellow weekends... and it sounds like yours was just that... I LOVE being around watching the men get all worked up watching football. My ex was like that, he also played in HS and College... when I met him he was huge.. no neck, all muscle... wait, I got he... gets SOOOO worked up over games... and a little worked up is fun to watch...

    Hoping your morning has begun in grand fashion my lovely. xo

  3. Curt -- LOL congratulations to first place ;-) Now, honestly, are you really sorry that the gators beat the dawgs? ;-)

    Mary -- The woman making fire is kind of a little joke in our house.. but yes, every time i make fire, i beat my fists on my chest and My morning begun with the ole cup of coffee with you and then I went to the gym.. so it was a nice start to the day... How about your start to the day??

  4. Sounds like a great weekend... always good to have a fire. Always good to spend time with a book and to kick back... Mine was way too busy, and a tree fell down in the back yard again, so before the fire, one has to create the wood... or chunks of wood in a burnable size... have a great day!

  5. Tom -- you know what? you can come down here and deliver some of that fire wood ;-) they say, this year we will have one of the coldest winters ATL hasn't seen in 50 years... when can i pencil you in for arrival? lol

  6. Be careful, we might get in trouble for having a discussion about delivering wood... And, pencil me in every day, just in case... one of them will be right...

  7. roflmao @ the image of you beating your chest and grunting.... SEXY!!! :)) I am more in love. xoxoxo

    The day was rough... I am bloodied, bruised and damaged.... I need calgon.... to please take me away..

    Was your day wonderful?

    Please say yes.

  8. Tom -- lol.. i shall be careful with the choice of words when speaking of

    Mary -- I am telling you.. a woman beating her chest, who could resist???? and i do that real sexy grunt... nobody walks away from . My day was actually pretty okay. things worked out well, and my head didn't spin as much ;-) So YES, my day was wonderful.. now, is it okay if i take calgon's place and take you away??? Your turn to say yes!! ;-)

  9. You can say that you shall be careful with your choice of words, everyone knows that this will never be the case - you being you... the words fly forth, language barrier or no, you pound the truth out in generous portion... and again, only one of the several hundred gajillion reasons why people (yes, including and especially me...) love you so much.

  10. It's funny but It is Kirsten who starts the fires up at our place... also without the help of a male.

  11. Umm... am I just not hitting send when I leave comments?


    I had asked if it was too late to say yes!

    Is it too late now?


    I really hope everything went well yesterday! Missing you.

  12. i am beginning to love more and more those times... as i have been unplugging my laptop and *grins* starting woman fire too.. haha..i so enjoy those moments alone with myself as well... omg... can i ever have a wonderful debate with self ...laffs...i am not much of a tv addict... unless i put in a good movie... i love to read...or picking up a good book.. slipping inbetween fresh... soft... satin sheets... candle lit near by... soft music in the background...*new age* at this time prefered, NO cell.. lol.. i am in heaven for sure!
    ~Blessings... and do enjoy the rest of your week Liane...
    ~the rainy1

  13. I'm behind on my blog reading. It's almost a new weekend and I'm just getting here. Anyway, I spent saturday laying in the bed with my wife. It's been a long time since she laid her head in my lap and we just enjoyed snuggling up to each other. When you been with someone a long time, the little things seem to get away from you..
    Have a great day and better tomorrows..

  14. You should be very, very proud of such a beautiful person that you put into this world. I’m sure she’s somebody that will change the world in her own way.

    And for the record parenting is the hardest thing in the world to do. ~BAR-NONE~ look at the facts with families nowadays. Hardly it seems anybody can do it right any more. You look to have accomplished this though. The pinnacle of the hardest moment is the day you have to let her go….

    *it’s ok to let the tears roll*

  15. Hey Liane.. (_)P (_)p of
    So this is where ya been hiding out huh !
    Well I got deleted from tagged a Zillion times..
    So such it is..Been on Multiply it ok.
    This is a nice page Gurl.Got All My fav pics up as well;-)
    Well its Sunday morning and Yesss I am ready for a b/day party this afternoon. And Yesss tha Weekend Rocked ALL Night Long ! *grins* Billydee...


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