Friday, October 2, 2009


I am wishing you fine people a most wonderful, most eventful,  most enticing, most sensual weekend !!   

Tons of kisses and hugs and all that fun stuff!


  1. thank you Mary.. any plans for the weekend????

  2. A most productive and satisfying weekend to you as well... make it a fun thing!

  3. I will be resting... I've blown out my knee... silly my, I dared to walk up the stairs last night.. Imagine my surprise as I take the first step... and my right knee just gave. I am in so much pain today and... and... I am moving sooo slow (I never move slow so I am actually irritating myself!)... so, I think I'll try to be immobile hope it cures itself... or in lieu thereof I'll go to see a doctor..


    What’re you doing???

  4. tom.. i will most definitely give it a fair shot to make it fun ;-)

    Maryyyyy... soooo sorry... not to sound like those typical comments, but having gone through knee surgery twice with Julia, I know that a knee needs to be elevated... so treat your leg like a king and put it on top of a few pillows ;-) Keep that knee up... i'd bring you some soup and tea, but it will do nothing for your knee (just me being selfish as .. keep me updated on how you feel, would you?

  5. Way way busy... but that is for the best... it was homecoming this weekend for Zack... and there was lots going on with that... preparing for my trip in two weeks, working basically three jobs now, as I have another article due shortly... It's all good, as it keeps the thinking time to a minimum... How are you?

  6. And by the way, fun is kind of your default setting, isn't it?


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