Thursday, October 8, 2009

Organically caused,
functionally challenged.
The People wept with insidious guises.
Unlike their commrads,they are not so pliale.
Only tentative caring of stolid dour can cleanse the bereft.
Sightlings adulturate resting dreams.
They sleep while the caused awaits.


Opulent voices ran in semi circles of unison.
Time heals all wounds,
the grimace can augment ones judgment and leave them for jeopardy.
Holocausts of duplicity cried out behind insidious barriers.
Tepid was a dream where icy wonders lay.



Gibes of hate and hurt can adulterate the souls of intellects.
Without taunts, the soul thrives.
Power runs wild.
Fortitude is unneeded in this world.
Tentative is strong to this mind.
Adored and treasured; Never hated.
But this guise of being loved crashes quickly when one taunts appears before them.
The grimmace of pain can bend a horrible time.
So fortitude is called upon warrily.
Hopefully it shall respond.

 [And what did the author think of while writing these three excerpts above;  what did the author want to communicate? Give me your thoughts ;-) ]


  1. Ummm, not sure. I read it 3x and still no clue, guess my fever is clouding my mind. I will have to come back to it when i feel better, :-( sorry.

  2. Words strike us from various angles, and our perspective, emotions, experience, etc cause us to emphasize what we can relate to... To me this is all about how we can be surrounded by friends and well wishers, and we can feel so loved and good about ourselves, but one person can strike out at us and hurt us and wipe away all the good that 100 people can do... We need to summon all of our strength and courage to get past the wounds that one person can inflict, and all the love and support and good that surrounds, has a hard time healing or protecting us from the hurt when someone does us wrong... just me talking... and rambling, from a quiet, unsteady place today...

    That I could always be there to dry a tear, or give you a calming embrace, and shield you from the crap that the world wants to toss... huge hugs, today and always...

  3. Emotion and motion crashing to a halt until thought sees reason just before emotion takes over again.
    Life is a circle, only time moves in straight lines.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a smile on my blog

  4. I think the author could have been more clear on his/her intent. ;-)

  5. A poem or three... kind of interesting, is it not?Intrigues me to wonder what led to your dabbling in things poetic, as I know it's not something that you normally do...

  6. Curt -- i hope you are feeling better!!!!!

    Walker -- i shall return to your blog occasionally and see what you and your cat are up to ;-) and thanks for stopping by my little part of this crazy virtual world.

    Tree -- I know what you mean... i used to say the exact same thing to my teachers when asked to analyze a poem.. lol..

    Tom -- I didn't write those... come on.. you know me.. me writing poetry? where i can't even understand poetry? ;-)


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