Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And so I finally...

... filled out and sent my application to go back to school.  WHOO HOO.  I get to finish what I started quite the years ago.  But, as it often is for Lewis and me, our children come first.  With Jenny leaving next year for college and Lewis doing something that I will share with you fine people at a later time, I find myself with enough time on my hand (without having to kill any of Julia's activities) to get my doctorate in cultural Anthropology (with a second in Archeology).  Can you say "Dr. Liane"?  I like the sound of that .. but it will be a while before I can call myself that, after all, I am still a mother and a wife, but will make it all happen.  It's about time, I say.  An early birthday present for me ( I have 12 days to go, not that I am counting or anything).. whoo hoo.. I am excited.  Classes start in January 2010.  It's, for now, a community college where I get the rest of my classes I  need under my belt and then shall transfer to Emory University.  Again, I am very excited.

So that's my news (a part of it anyway)....  what's yours?  How was your Thanksgiving and your weekend?


  1. This is so very, very cool... I love it! You have been Dr. Liane to me for quite some time... always coming up with the right prescription for any of the myriad of issues that I have come to your doorstep with... why not make it official? Congrats, and best wishes, always!

  2. Hey Liane baby I very much agree with In The Moment above about your advice..

    Congratulations - I am happy for you and send *HUGS* from this side to the world!

    XOXO as always,


  3. Liane, It's wonderful to hear of your plans to finish the job. I very much doubt though that this "project," aka Liane, will ever be finished. Keep on growing.. keep on sharing.. we all enjoy the fruits of your journey!
    Your "flying" friend,

  4. Way to go. I'm really happy for you.

  5. I am very happy and excited for you Dr "L". You finally did it. I was hoping you would go thru with it after you told me you plans, so awesome. Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one with family and all. I miss ya already, I know silly me, it hasn't even been 2 weeks. What can I say, except that I had a great time with you and Lewis. XO to you and the family.

  6. That's very exciting! WIshing you all the best.

  7. I am VERY excited for you!! I know how much you love to learn and throw yourself into new ventures..

    Watch out class, Liane has arrived. :))

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  9. Hallo Liane, danke für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Ich kann dir gern noch weitere Fotos von der "Berliner Mauer" schicken, wie sie zum 20. Jahrestag des Mauerfalls errichtet wurde. Bei Interesse melde dich: big.kick(at)web.de

    Viele Grüße, Andi.

  10. That's great.
    Going back and finishing what you started long ago.
    The best way to fill in the extra time
    I did that a number of years ago myself.
    Now I'm an educated Bum with typing skills.

  11. Thank you all so much for your kind and, by some, funny words ;-) I must be crazy though, eh? And old woman going back to school... see, that's what happens when i am afraid of being bored... But man, am i excited ;-) Classes start January 11th, 2010.. yipeeee!! ;-)

  12. How can someone not root for you, not wish you the best, and not feel excited for all that you achieve? It is great the way that you embrace life and always seek new challenges and take everything on - head on... So you... so absolutely wonderful to see you so excited, but why should now be any different than the rest of you life... Rock on...


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