Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too freakin' busy...

First, I thank you all fine people for all those lovely birthday wishes via here and e-mail, facebook, sms, phone calls, e-cards etc... Tom, you made me smile each and every time with your random messages using more than just one medium ;-)   Thank you, thank you, thank you  ;-)   It is always nice to see that you all think of me, if even just for a second or so ;-)  And trust me, I do return the favor and think of you guys a lot.

My ear ache is gone and my hearing is back to normal again, so you can gather around and even speak into the right ear without shouting.  My birthday was a rather busy but good day.  I can't complain and I better not as that's the start of being a bickering old lady, right?

I have been so busy as of late.. this going-back-to-school-thing has me going nuts.  GA and their silly rules... I have to present them with my German Education, proof that I have completed High School and attended college...  Your transcripts then have to be translated and evaluated...  keep in mind, that I have attended college here in the U.S.  as well, but that does not count as of yet.  Nobody could explain to me what exactly needs to be send for evaluation and each phone call was more frustrating then the one before...  finally, Lewis and I decided to go directly to the Administration office and talk to a person there.  Voila, we found Linda... a lady who actually is responsible for international students.  She told me to not waste my money as GA declines those transcripts anyway.  Great!  Now what?  "May I suggest something?" , the lovely Linda asked...  So, yesterday, upon her suggestion, I went and took the GED test.. only days after sitting with Linda.  This way, I save money and time and can jump right into my college classes (at least that was the thought).  Today, I will pick up my results...  I am not so sure about having passed... this all looked so darn foreign to me....  7 hours of freakin'  testing...

I hope you all are doing great... what's new with you?  Catch me up!!!  and hopefully, soon, i will find some time to sit with you all again for a bit longer than just a quick update....  Kisses on the cheek!!!!!!


  1. Best of luck for your results Liane baby - not that you need it as I am sure you will be perfectly fine!

    I am having LOTS of fun with The Media Man (X 2 blog posts on him!) and things are ticking along nicely with The Older Doctor (nothing to post as of yet but working on it!) so do drop on by when you can as I LOVE your kind advice and insight..

    Keep us posted on your results won't you?

    XOXO as always,


  2. Well, those fears were unfounded, as you passed, you passed, you passed! Congratulations, I knew that you could do it - and I am so, so happy for you that you will be able to get back on track with chasing your dream! And as for your birthday, I loved doing all of that, thinking of different ways to say Happy Birthday... I could never do enough for you, but it makes me happy to know that I made you smile... Congratulations again - you are the most bestest!

  3. Good to hear that you're feeling better. I am married now how's that for catching you up on news?

  4. I am so glad to hear your feeling better and that your birthday was good..

    OMG, I am sure I would not pass a GED if I had to take one today, can't wait to hear how you flew through it with flying colors...

    Been missing you... just sayin.

  5. I am sure you did wonderful on your GED but for me I am so sure I would fail... My education is so lacking and I have taken college classes too... I used to once brag of being an ace at math and now iit scares me...~grins~

    So happy your ear is better and so happy to know you are ok...

    I miss our moments but as with all things in life it seems that time is the most scarce of possessions... Hope you all have a very wonderful Christmas and a very Divine New Year....

  6. Thanks for dropping into my little corner of the Interweb/Googlenet!

    No intrusion at all, drop on by anytime!

  7. By the way, love the way you say freakin'


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