Monday, December 7, 2009

A quick note...

Being sick is most definitely no fun.  No fun at all.  I am not sick with any type of flu, not even with a harmless cold.  Of all things, it's an ear ache.  An ache, so strong that shackles me to the couch.  Oh I have tried to ignore it and went out into the cold winds of Hotlanta.  Boy, was that a wrong decision.  On to the couch again.  Yesterday, I felt fine and thought, I had beat this weird thing.  But no, I was mistaken.  Time for bed late evening and my ear starts to act up again.  It's only effecting the right ear... so speak up and please into my left ear.  Better get used to it, I hear, old people have quite the issues with their hearing.

Dealing with the administration for college has been yet another pain in the you know what.  GA has some weird regulations, and even though I have been to college here in the U.S. already (several different ones actually), they say it's not enough and I need some paper work from my schools in good ole Germany.  Then, they have to be translated and evaluated, for which they use a firm in Florida... this comes with quite the price tag, but worse, I am running out of time.  I won't have my paperwork together by the deadline given, which means, my first day of school will not be this January, but some time in the summer.  Karma at play?  But I have been a good "girl".. I truly have.. so this cannot be a sign from Lady Karma.  Whatever it is, I shall stay focused and just tackle what's to be tackled until Summer then.

Birthdays are knocking on the door.  Jenny is turning 18 this 10th of December.  It's crazy... I will just ignore how old I will turn on the 12th of this month and then there is Lewis, finally turning 40 on December 17th (oh yes, I can mention his age!!!!) .  Why is time running so gosh darn fast?

Well, my ear is killing me and I should just lay down and feel sorry for myself some more... Sure hope you all are doing great!!!  I know I have quite some catching up to do as you people just won't stop blogging whilst I am laying on the couch covered by self-petty... I promise I will make it to your blogs soon as I feel totally out of loop. I PROMISE!!  Tons of virtual hugs and kisses from me too you (pretty sure you can't get sick from those virtual thingies)


  1. Hey Liane Baby,

    I hope you feel better soon - I'm sending lots of virtual *get well kissed and hugs* your way!

    I do not think that it's Karma for being bad as you're such a sweetie but I do think that everything happens for a reason so maybe it will be better for you to start college in Summer rather than January..

    I myself have had an interesting development with The Media Man and am happy foe the time being at least - have a look when you get a chance because as always I'd love your thoughts and advice..

    I still can't believe that Jenny is turning 18 and Lewis is turning 40 - you two must have been VERY young starters indeed!

    XOXO as always,


  2. Hey take it easy and take care of yourself. Get well soon.

  3. Sending some virtual chicken soup. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I am soooo sorry you've not been feeling well... :(((( Sends you all of the healthy vibes I possess so you can meander your way through all the red tape..

    I say we just take the entire month of December and celebrate with all of you...

    I hope you feel better soon my friend.... xoxoxo

  5. So sad and sorry your not feeling well. Please don't play around with and ear ache, get to a doctor, don;t want to damage your hearing.

    Oh so sad that the schools are being a pain for you on top of everything else, hang tough and you will conquer it.

    happy early birthday for Jenny, you, Lewis, and you don't look a day over 30 sis. xo

  6. Being sick is suckful, and I hope that you are recovered soon... Happy birthday to you, Jenny and Lewis... take care...

  7. No more being sick, hear? Saturday is your birthday and I demand, command and reprimand you to have a seriously wonderful birthday... you see it as another year piling on, I see it as another reason to celebrate the gift that you are, and how you bring laughter, love, curiosity and passion to so many lives. You are a treasure, and I am so glad that you happened, Dec. 12, 1968. Woo hoo and Happy Birthday to you!

  8. I do hope that pretty ear is feeling much better now. Amazing how such a small, delicate body part can inflict such misery... hopings it has passed.
    Wishing you the happiest and richest birthday, Liane. I hope its full of smiles and laughter with your family and friends!! Don't eat too much cake. Save some for your online pals....please...
    Warmest hugs for you on your special day!!!
    Your flying friend / Bob

  9. Happy birthday Liane!! I wished youa Happy Birthday on one of your pages...just want youto know that You are thought of. Hope it was a good day....feeling bad about that ear...I know what those feel like...and it's miserable. *Takes your hand so we can walk to the palm tree with our rum*....luv you x0x0x0x0

  10. Ear aches and ear infections are brutal.
    Cough syrup, I forget which one.
    It has an ingredient in it that helps


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