Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Berlin Dome .. 21 June 2012

This picture of the Berlin Dome was actually taken 19 June 2012 when we had fantastic weather ;-)
Good evening to you fine people,

today was a cold, wet day, but we ventured out anyway ;-)   Thus we took you fine people  inside the Berlin Dome. Once again, for more info, google it :-)  It is massive on the outside, but even more massive on the inside.  This time, you will be spoiled with a video again, just 'cause i love you all that much ;-)   perhaps even two videos.  It was awesome.  The video inside the "Gruft" (crypt) is a bit dark, but they are funny down there about the use of light ;-)

Enjoy ; -)   I shall see you all for our next outing ;-)   Hugs, Kisses and all that fun stuff to you fine people ;-)

And now off to the crypt ;-)
(I wanted to show you all a video now, but I can't get it to work right, thus, you shall just look at still-pictures)
Here are the leaders, sons, daughters and wives of the Hohenzollerns

 (Queen) Sophie-Charlotte, wife of Frederick I of Prussia (you all remember our trip to Schloss Charlottenburg, yes?  Named after her ;-) )

King of Prussia, Frederick I

 And now off to the Berlin Dome Museum on our way to the "Kuppel"

and now... lots and lots of tiny stairs to the top of the church for a stunning view of Berlin
(here, too, I wanted to include a video, but grrrrrrrrrr...)

And we are on our way down and out ;-)

And now off to Humboldt University (and that was our entire day)

This Sunday.. i will take you all with us to a tour of the Reichstag (Bundestag)...  dress warm 'cause it is cold here !!!! ;-)  Hugs, kisses and all that fun stuff from me to you fine people


  1. some GREAT pics....I'd love to visit Germany someday :)

    thanks for sharing.....and that includes the sharing of the hugs, kisses, n fun stuff! :)

    1. And this is only Berlin.. just think what the rest of Germany has to offer ;-) (just stay out of Bavaria ;-) ) I will share some pictures when I am in Goettingen... and then at the end of my stay in Germany, I am planing to stay that last week in Trier... But first, I will share some pictures of Singapore and Malaysia :-) and you know me.. i just can't keep all the hugs and kisses and all that fun stuff to myself.. wouldn't be fun stuff otherwise ;-)

  2. ^ ^ ^ where oh where is the 'like' button when a person needs it! ;)
    XOXOX ( what's the symbol for 'fun stuff'? ;)

  3. I do so want to go back some day and take my time...

    and you become more and more beautiful with each passing day!

  4. GRRRRrrr says me... I will put my comments here for the third time, even though they appear to post, and then disappear... I don't understand... anyway, thank you once again for the stunning photography and the unusual yet insightful commentary that only you could provide...I never stop learning from you, and it is such a lovely and Julia make such beautiful treasures, thank you agian

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  6. mein lieber frank... schreib mir an meine e-mail addresse... ich habe leider keine von Dir.

    1. hab keine aktuelle E-Mail-Adresse von Dir :-( leider !

  7. ...weiss gar nicht,ob ich Deine aktuelle e-mail-adresse habe ? Ist es immernoch : ??? Meine ist : :-) Frank


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