Saturday, June 9, 2012

Schloss Charlottenburg 9 June 2012

Hello to you fine people,

What a great day...  blue sky, sun shine and no rain in the forecast.   Perfect day to hop into a train and head towards Schloss Charlottenburg.  I will not write about the Schloss as you fine people can google it and get all the info you desire, if you indeed desire any ;-)   It is a great and quite interesting history to that castle and you know me, i could talk and talk and talk ... but for this post, I shall refrain from "talking" and get to the part you asked the most  PICTURES.  Like a good foreign German, I will do as I am told and get right to it.  So here you go... Pictures of today's Castle visit ;-)  (no video in this post though.. maybe next post ;-) ) (click the pictures for larger view

The inside looks just as impressive as the outside

Impressive back yard ;-)

Now that is an office

I would love to look into all of these books belonging to Frederick the Great's library

Interesting there should hang a portrait of Napoleon...

All day walking the castle grounds... one builds up a hunger... and thus we eat typical German meals in the Schloss Restaurant

 So much for my sharing today...  now let me go and watch Germany kick Portugal's behind !!!!     hugs and kisses and all that fun stuff... tomorrow... we are off to a symphony in the morning and then we shall take you all to Schloss Sanssouci ;-)


  1. still looks like you are having a great time! :)
    since you couldn't take us all along, this is the next best thing :)
    hugs n all that fun stuff! xox

  2. So beautiful..


  3. What awesome pictures! These are outstanding! Thank you for sharing them, and bringing us along on your trip. What a great time for you and Julia! I hope that you continue to have so much fun and to build so many memories. This is just great!


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