Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day II at the Museums Island

Hello and Guten Tag to you fine people,

  today was a lot more pleasant... lots of friendly Germans on the street and in the museum (except for one guard who advised me to stand back about 3 meters from the museum artifacts..tztztz).  Weather was wonderful and we decided to step into the Bodemuseum which ended up taking all day looooong.   As before, you may google Bodemuseum yourself for info, but I have to say, the story to that museum, excluding its fantastic exhibits, is already worth a google-read.   Yes, trust me !!!! ;-)

 And now, let me take you inside:  The Foyer

And now to the various rooms:

And after a long day walking, we went to a cute little German Restaurant:

Tomorrow, we are off to the Berlin Dome !!!!   I might even post a video  ;-)  until then.. .hugs, kisses and all that fun stuff from me to you fine people ;-)

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  1. Thank you, repeatedly, I know... but thank you so much for such beautiful pictures, and for the lively and wonderful descriptions of all that you are seeing and doing. This just has to be such an excellent experience for you and Julia to share... it's just so exciting to see and hear about it all. Fond wishes and good luck and safe travel as you continue to discover so much richness, and then share it with us... great, great stuff. You are the most bestest!


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