Thursday, June 14, 2012

Schloss Sanssouci 13 June 2012

Good morning to you fine people...

     I took you all along with me to Schloss Sanssouci (Sans Souci, which means "without care" or "without worries" to visit Frederick the Great .  Here too, I will not talk about the castle... you can google it and find the information on your own if you so desire ;-)   This time, besides pictures, I have posted a video for your viewing pleasure ;-)   This video displays the reenactment of a statue in the Schloss Park ;-)  The two actors:  My best friend "The Kay" and my Julia.  Oh, and the loud and silly voice, well, that would be moi...(as always, the video will be open only for a short time and then I will shut it down again) (and don't forget, for larger view, click the images)

   I hope you enjoy the pictures and video... until next time... tons of kisses and hugs and all that fun stuff from me to you fine people ;-)

tztztz... men

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the silly ole video ;-)    Kisses !!!


  1. laughing @ YOU DID IT! good for them..

    you're having wayyyyyyyyyy to much fun my dear! LOL yes I DID enjoy everything..


  2. Looks like your enjoying your home town !
    Love the pictures ..
    Not climbing as hi as Julia :)
    Good hearing you laughing together ...

    Keep sharing ,, where to next ?

  3. so beautiful!!!you are radiant!!

    Big hugs


  4. Once again, great stuff, and so nice... I love the pictures... I will visit again soon to see the video, I promise it will be soon - please don't take it down until I get a chance to see it... Thank you so much for this lovely tour... you are just the most bestest!

  5. Great video - I enjoyed it very much... thank you for that! Loved to hear your voice and the laughter again... it always makes me smile!


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