Friday, June 8, 2012

B.Y.A. (because you asked) Berlin, Germany 2012

Hello and Guten Tag to you fine people...

   I received quite the mail and messages telling me to "hurry it up and post some 'damn' pictures"...   so here I go.. sharing some 'damn' pictures with you fine people.    First, I shall answer some questions I received:

No, I am not just on vacation in Berlin... besides the usual reason to visit family and friends, I am here to add a second specialization to my doctorate; suggested by two of my professors.  Thus, I am now studying German emigration in 1708-9.  Because the German people who emigrated during that time went through the Netherlands to England and then later to Ireland, West Indies and for some to Pennsylvania, I am able to link both of my research projects together to come up with a theses.  I am meeting with Historians, Experts and Professors to get and understanding of the entire picture.  We shall see how it goes. 

Yes, Julia is now here with me as well and it is wonderful having her.

No, we are no longer going to Italy...   I know, we are sad about it too ;-)   All resorts near Rome are already fully booked, thus, we have to go to Rome another time.  (However, I have been invited to come to Singapore and I am actually considering it.. Julia is not a big fan in going, so I guess I will a lone traveler for that one)

I am staying here until 2. August and then find my way back to England for a week, spending more time in the archives, seeing Stonehenge and other places perhaps.. We shall see.  But, if I get more info from the Wales Archives, I might be going to Wales instead of England...

I have not done too much of any sight seeing here just yet as I have been quite busy with my German research.  I have not met with many people but three as I just don't really have the time. I have to stick with priorities, which have to be my studies, followed by my mom and then whatever else comes along.  But since I am here for a while, I will meet with you, my German friends, just don't give up on me ;-)

Okay, I think i answered some of the questions and now, without further adue, i shall post some pictures of the stuff I've already seen and done ;-)    I might put a video in my blog with the next post so that you can see silly ole moi in action again ;-)  

Kisses to you fine people...  (click the images for larger view)

This is my first day in Berlin....   my best friend's (Kay) soon to be wife Diana and I at an Italian restaurant... yummmmmmm     
In Wernigerode, Germany

 Andre and I at the top in front of the castle ;-)
What a view :-)

At a  lake in Belitz, Germany    

Julia's arrival in Tegel, Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Philharmony

Inside at a lunch concert

Julia is happy ;-)
Julia is enjoying a "Currywurst", traditional Berlin food

Julia and I in the subway on our way to Ku'damm

Yum... Starbucks

Just for Dad !!!!!!!! ;-)

Europa Center, Water clock

Hot and sour soup
 Well, my fine people...  that's all for now.  I will share more in some days.....  Lots of kisses from me to you !!!!


  1. I'd LOVE to visit Germany some day ... so 'next time', if you need a travel partner...:)

    hugs/kisses/ n all that fun stuff!

  2. These are so nice, just prescious for you and Julia and your family to have time together...and I know how close Berlin will always be to your heart. How difficult it must be for you to be there and yet have to stick to your studies... but I know that you can focus when you have to. These are great pictures, thank you for sharing them and your trip with us. You are the best!


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