Monday, June 18, 2012

Museums Island

View of the Spree and all the way in the back the Berlin Dome

Hello to you fine people...

  today, we took a trip to the Museums Island...  they are all together five buildings with various exhibits.   Julia and I made it through three of them today and will have to return tomorrow for the rest, including the Berlin Dome (not catholic, as one would assume, but it is an evangelical church).  I leave it up to you fine people again to google the info if you want to know more about all the stuff ;-)   

Hugs, kisses and well.. you know ;-)

forgive me, somehow those pictures are a bit out of order, but I am too tired to care to change them all...  Plus, I was just sold a wrong code to fill up my phone (because the young gentleman didn't listen correctly !!! )... I did not notice this mistake until I was back at the house...  that is what they are using for their defense... "once you leave the store, it's out of our hands ".  Say what now??????   Yeah, not gettin'  my money back even though it wasn't my mistake!!!!! GRRRRR     ..  Anyway...  Today was filled with rude Germans...  i guess it was just one of those days.. tomorrow shall be filled with super friendly Germans ;-) 


  1. super friendly German here hoping that tomorrow IS a good one for you....
    leaves you with good wishes and lots of hugs n kisses n fun stuff to help you get started on a great day!

    Looks like a lot of 'old stuff' in those museums...:) just kidding, I know thats what you find in

  2. The Germans are not rude, they just not use to beautyful friendly girls.....:-)

  3. Awesome, wonderful pictures... I didn't think there was much for Catholicism in Deutschland, as it is the birthplace of Luther and and Lutheranism... guess that you will have to teach me more about your homeland... and thank you so much for sharing these lovely pictures... it sure looks like a great museum... enjoy! And don't let those bossy Deutschlanders push you around... :)


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